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TF-6D large field of view filter gas mask

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The TF-6D gas mask is used as a personal protective device to provide effective protection for people's respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin. The mask consists of a mask, an air tube and a canister. The mask can be used directly with the canister or with an air tube connected to the canister. Mainly used in various toxic and harmful working environments such as chemical, scientific research, and warehouse.



TF-6D gas mask product features:


1. The mask cover is integrally injection molded from high-quality natural rubber. The surface is frosted, and the close frame is reversed. It is comfortable to wear and easy to airtight. It can meet the needs of more than 95% of adult citizens.


2, the face has five headbands can be adjusted at will, it can be elastic and suitable.


3, the lens of the mask is protected by a water-blocking structure, which can ensure that the lens has good lens-keeping performance when the mask is in use.



4. The large eye window of the mask is made of polycarbonate, which has an open field of view, good optical and impact resistance.


5, the mask is also equipped with a talker, the voice of the talker is clear, and the transmission loss is small.


6. The gas mask can select different types of canisters according to the protection object.


7. The gas mask is produced according to the national standard GB2890-95 "General technical conditions for gas masks".



TF-6D gas mask technical specifications anti-virus time:


1. Performance exhalation resistance of selected tanks: ≤98Pa (30L/min)


2. Field of view: Total field of view: ≥75% Binocular field of view: ≥60%


3, the lower field of view: ≥ 40 degrees oil mist transmission rate ≤ 0.0005%


4, mask leakage coefficient: ≤ 0.0005%


5, storage life: mask filter cans under the specified conditions, the storage period is 5 years.



Which filter cans can be used with the TF-6D gas mask?



Note: The mask is sold separately. It needs to be used with the filter box during use. According to the length of protection time, choose large, medium and small canisters.


Instructions for use:


1. Check the full set of masks before use. The method is: wear a good face with a hand or rubber plug to block the air inlet of the canister, and take a deep breath. If there is no air in, the mask is dense and may be repaired or replaced;


2. If you smell a weak odor when wearing, you should immediately leave the toxic area to replace the canister;


3. If the oxygen content of the poisonous area is less than 18% or the concentration of toxic gas is more than 2%, the poison cans of each type shall not play a protective role, and oxygen-protecting equipment shall be selected;


4. If the interval between the two uses is more than one day, the nut cap of the canister should be screwed on, and the rubber stopper should be plugged to keep the seal from moisture failure;


5, 2L, No. 5 canisters are marked with the total weight of the tank. The medicament in this type of tank is easy to attract and sneak. It needs to be re-weighed before each use. When the total weight of the tank exceeds the weight of about 15g, it should be stopped.


6, the canister should be stored in a dry, clean, air circulation warehouse, to prevent moisture, overheating, valid for 5 years, should be re-identified when the age is over.


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