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NAMZ-4 anti-virus comprehensive gas mask

NuoanTechnologyNAMZ-4anti-viruscomprehensivegasmaskintroduction: Thelarge-fieldgasmaskisdesignedtoprotectthehumaneye,faceandrespiratorysystemfromdamagewhilemaximizingthecomfortandsafetyoftheuser.Thedo
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Nuoan Technology NAMZ-4 anti-virus comprehensive gas mask introduction:


The large-field gas mask is designed to protect the human eye, face and respiratory system from damage while maximizing the comfort and safety of the user. The double-sealed ring edge allows the mask to best fit the face, and the hard-coated polycarbonate face shield protects the wearer's eyes and face from irritating gases and splashing particles. The surface screen has good optical performance and scratch resistance; the headband can be freely adjusted according to the size of the head. The rubber material mask is suitable for facial features. There are six headbands that can be adjusted freely. It is suitable for different sizes of heads. It has strong versatility and can be directly connected to the canister. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and safe and reliable protection.


Nuoan Technology NAMZ-4 anti-virus comprehensive is a replacement product of helmet-type gas mask, which can protect people's respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin from the surrounding environment poison gas during nuclear radiation, biological, chemical pollution and anti-terrorism. Excellent personal protective mask for poisoning.




Nuoan Technology NAMZ-4 anti-virus comprehensive gas mask features:


1. The window screen eliminates distortion and deformation, and double-sided anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment;


2. The cover is made of a comfortable silicone that does not irritate the skin;


3. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, and the workmanship is particularly fine;


4. Built-in high-efficiency microphone combined with exhalation valve is more conducive to the protection of the microphone and improve the overall safety of the mask;


5. Can be used with all the filter cartridges and canisters of Noon Technology.

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