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NA-IV four-person electric air supply long tube respirator

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Nuoan Technology NA-IV electric air supply long tube respirator 4 person long tube respirator

Nuoan Technology NA-IV electric air supply long tube respirator Features of 4 long tube respirators: The main unit is non-explosion-proof. When working, the main unit should be placed in a normal air environment, and the air should meet the breathing standards. Compressed air is supplied to the mask through a long gas pipe, and can be used in harsh environments such as anoxic or toxic gases, smoke, and dust. For example: petroleum, chemical, warehousing, sanitation, municipal engineering departments.


Noon Technology NA-IV electric air supply long tube respirator 4 person long tube respirator parameters



Breathing tube material

Imported high strength PU polyurethane bellows

Face screen material

Polycarbonate (medical silica gel)

Mouth mask gel material

Food grade silicone

power supply



 180W+ split

Air supply


Air volume

18 m³/h

Wind pressure


Host weight




Host material

stainless steel

Long tube

Standard 10 meters (can be customized according to customer needs)

Noon Technology NA-IV electric air supply long tube respirator more parameters, please consult: 400-003-0866 (National free unified service hotline)


Noon Technology NA-IV electric air supply long tube respirator 4 people long tube respirator use method

1. The air supply long tube mask must be inspected before use, and no looseness should occur. In order to avoid air leakage and endanger the health of users.

2. Insert the appropriate length of the hose inserted into one end of the mask into the buckle on the safety belt, tighten the belt, and fix the long tube on the belt to prevent the mask from being worn when dragging.

3. Check the airtightness of the whole machine; close the connector inserted into one end of the blower by hand to inhale, and feel that the airtightness of the mask is good. Then insert the blower hose socket and turn on the blower to input fresh air into the mask for the user to breathe.

4. Reliable grounding should be achieved before the blower is used.

5. Wipe the mask, snorkel and its accessories clean after each use, and put the long tube into the storage box. The storage environment is kept dry, ventilated and protected from heat.
Mask lenses should not be in contact with organic solvents to avoid damage. In addition, collision and friction should be avoided as much as possible to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

6. Keep the long tube air inlet away from the environment polluted by toxic and harmful gases.


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