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Liquid nitrogen gloves

【productdescription】 Thisproductismadeofimportedbreathableandwaterproofmulti-layercompositematerial.Itisprocessedthroughpreciseproductionprocess.Itisuniqueinmaterialselectionandexquisiteincraftsmanshi
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【product description】


This product is made of imported breathable and waterproof multi-layer composite material. It is processed through precise production process. It is unique in material selection and exquisite in craftsmanship. It is suitable for workers in extremely cold environment. The gloves feel soft, flexible and fly higher, and have a strong touch. When working at low temperatures for a long time, the gloves will not harden or deteriorate.


[product parameters]


Length (mm): 400


Width (mm): 250


Height (mm): 50


Weight (kg): 0.35


Temperature: low temperature -160 ° C liquid nitrogen protective gloves to the middle of the forearm


Size: M


Length (cm): 38.1cm


【Product Features】


Breathable and waterproof composite material, comfortable to wear and light weight;


Breathable, maintain a dry lining;


Cryogenic liquid splash protection;


Maintains superior comfort when working in low temperature environments for extended periods of time;


Can be used in 1000 class clean rooms;


Can be machine washed or dry cleaned;


It can be used for liquid oxygen operation of closed systems.


[place of use]


This product is suitable for liquid nitrogen air and environment, freezer storage room, low temperature freezer, freezing liquid room, low temperature grinding, low temperature clean room working place of 1000 or above.


[product storage]


Liquid nitrogen gloves should be stored in a place that is ventilated, mildew-proof, mites-proof, and dry.


Avoid storage with acids, alkalis, oils, and corrosive materials.


It can be stored for a long time under normal storage conditions.


[Executive Standards]


EN511-2006, EN420-2003+A1-2009, EN388-2003.

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