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NA-JZ-IV AC/DC dual-purpose air supply long tube respirator

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NA-JZ-IV AC/DC dual-purpose air supply long-tube respirator uses high-pressure vortex blower pump to supply fresh air that meets air quality standards to users through non-toxic and odorless long tubes. It is a protective equipment to protect human respiratory system. .


The use and scope of use


This product is a working type respiratory protection device. It is mainly used to prevent inhalation of harmful substances such as harmful gases, dust and smoke, and effectively offset the danger of oxygen deficiency. For the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, gas plant, urban construction and underground construction industries, in the inspection of tower tanks, underground construction and other operating environments, used as workers respiratory protection.




The structure


This product adopts AC/DC power supply system. It can work continuously for more than 4-6 hours without the mains power supply. The structure is rigorously divided. The lower part of the box is the electrical part, and the upper part of the box is the breathing. Attachment storage area such as tube and mask, a cylinder is arranged in the center of the box, the snorkel tray is placed in the box, and the mask and accessories are placed in the cylinder, which greatly improves the use of the breathing tube and the mask. Self-protection.




The characteristics


1. The product is a respirator that continuously supplies fresh air to the worker through a blower.

2. It is not subject to time limit and can still work without any mains.

3. Since the blower constantly supplies air to the face, the face always maintains a higher pressure (low pressure) than atmospheric pressure. Therefore, due to a little operational error during use, there is no air leak between the face and the mask. Therefore, harmful gases cannot enter the mask;


The parameters


1. Air supply flow: >100L/Min

2. Wind pressure: >1000Pa

3. Rated power: 180W

4. Rated voltage: 220V


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