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NACZ-RHZKF2×6.8/30 mobile vehicle type positive pressure air breathing apparatus

Thevehicle-mounted(doublebottle)longtuberespiratorNACZ-RHZKF2×6.8-30parameters 1.Pipeadoptsimportedhigh-strengthvinylbellows2,positivepressureconstantflowgassupply,comfortablebreathing,safeandreliable
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The vehicle-mounted (double bottle) long tube respirator NACZ-RHZKF2 × 6.8-30 parameters


1. Pipe adopts imported high-strength vinyl bellows

2, positive pressure constant flow gas supply, comfortable breathing, safe and reliable

3. The number of users is 2

4. Gas supply: 30L/min-250L/min

5, material: the chassis is made of 304 stainless steel, imported hose, plastic, tasteless

6, the host dimensions: 300 * 230 * 240mm

7, function: anti-dust anti-virus

8, wind pressure: >1000Pa

9. Leakage rate: <0.10

10, rated power: 180W

11, rated voltage: 220V


The vehicle-mounted (double bottle) long tube respirator NACZ-RHZKF2 × 6.8-30 features


The main unit is a non-explosion-proof product. When working, the main unit should be placed in a normal air environment, and the air should meet the breathing standards. Compressed air is supplied to the mask through a long gas pipe, and can be used in harsh environments such as anoxic or toxic gases, smoke, and dust. For example: petroleum, chemical, warehousing, sanitation, municipal engineering departments.

Product structure: The long tube respirator is roughly composed of a full face mask, a waist belt, a long tube and a blower.


The vehicle-mounted (double bottle) long tube respirator NACZ-RHZKF2 × 6.8-30 application


1. The product is a respirator that continuously supplies fresh air to the worker through a blower;

2. Not subject to time limits;

3. Since the blower continuously supplies air to the face, the face always maintains a higher pressure (low pressure) than the atmospheric pressure, so that there is a slight operational error between the face and the mask due to a slight operational error during use. There will be a leak in the air. Therefore, harmful gases cannot enter the mask.

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