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NACZ-RHZKF4×6.8/30 mobile vehicle type positive pressure air breathing apparatus

productdescription: HebeiNuoanTechnologyNACZ-RHZKF4×6.8/30mobilevehicle-mountedpositivepressureairbreathingapparatusismadeupof4stainlesssteeltrolleys,carbonfibercylinders,airsupplypipes,pressurereduce
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product description:


Hebei Nuoan Technology NACZ-RHZKF4×6.8/30 mobile vehicle-mounted positive pressure air breathing apparatus is made up of 4 stainless steel trolleys, carbon fiber cylinders, air supply pipes, pressure reducers, air supply valves and full face shields. Positive pressure air breathing apparatus.


Product configuration:


1. Can be used by two people at the same time to ensure long hours of operation

2. The gas source can be replaced in time, which does not affect the work and saves time.

3. Standard configuration of medium pressure conduit: 30 meters in length of main conduit and 10 meters in length of two branch conduits

4. The total length of the medium pressure conduit can be extended to 90 meters according to the demand, and the gas supply is still comfortable and smooth.

5. Soft connection between high-pressure hoses to avoid accidents and effectively prevent damage to joints caused by inadvertent collision or friction

6. Large flow output pressure reducing valve ensures adequate breathing flow

7. Stainless steel trolley for enhanced corrosion resistance

8. Unique stainless steel foot brakes that can stand still at 30 degrees

9. Compliance with standards: Q/SHBY01-2007 "Mobile Long Tube Respirator"



Vehicle-mounted mobile air supply source features:


1. No need to carry cylinders, reduce personnel pressure and greatly improve work efficiency;

2. It can be used in a narrow space with a unique brake device, and the 30° slope can also be easily parked;

3. Large flow output pressure reducing valve to ensure sufficient air supply;

4. The body is made of 304 stainless steel to prevent rust from affecting the use;

5. The reel has a main duct of 30 meters and a branch duct of 10 meters each;

6. The cylinder can be switched in turn to achieve continuous operation without interrupting the operation.


Product packaging parameters

Material: wooden box

Size: 107cm × 88cm × 65.5cm



Note: Due to the different quantity of products purchased, the final shipping package size is determined by the actual purchase quantity;


The packaging parameters are single product packaging or bulk conventional packaging delivery size, for reference, the actual packaging size, please confirm with customer service before shipment.

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