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Anti-low temperature cap DW-NA-04

First,theproductdescription: Theliquid-proofnitrogenhoodismadeofmulti-layercompositematerialandprocessedthroughpreciseproductionprocess.Thematerialselectionisuniqueandthecraftisexquisite; Suitableforp
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Product Details

First, the product description:


The liquid-proof nitrogen hood is made of multi-layer composite material and processed through precise production process. The material selection is unique and the craft is exquisite;


Suitable for people working in extremely cold environments, with high flexibility and strong touch;


Effective defense is minus 160-250 degrees. Working under low temperature for a long time, the product has no hardening and deterioration, and effectively prevents the splash of low temperature gas.


Second, liquid nitrogen low temperature cold mask design:


Professional, unique, human, practical and beautiful.


Third, specifications: conventional.


Fourth, the mirror:


1. Adopt anti-ultra-low temperature transparent mirror to make the staff see more clearly;


2. Anti-extrusion, anti-shock, anti-fog and anti-stun.


Fifth, product features:


1. This product has excellent insulation and soft comfort;


2. It is comfortable to wear, light and flexible, that is, waterproof and breathable;


3. Protect against splashing of frozen liquid and work very well in cold air for a long time.


Sixth, product storage


1. The liquid nitrogen hood should be stored in a ventilated, mildewproof, mites-proof, dry place;


2. Avoid putting together with acids, alkalis, oils and corrosive items;


3. Under normal storage conditions, it can be stored for a long time.


Seventh, the use of places and product performance


1. This product is suitable for liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen air and environment, freezer storage room, freezer low temperature workplace, low effective defense, minus 160 to minus 250 degrees of cold;


2. Product Features:


Excellent insulation, waterproof, breathable, comfortable, lightweight and very flexible;


3. It has a good effect on protective liquid nitrogen splashing, and it is very comfortable when working in cold air for a long time;


4. Application:


Liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia air and environment, freezer compartment, freezer, cryogenic grinding, natural gas station, freezer and other low temperature places can be used.


Eighth, packaging


1. One set of one bag, five bags and one case


2. Box gauge: 35x28x28CM


3. Gross, net weight: 6Kgs, 5Kgs


Ninth, the implementation of standards:


EN14058:2004, EN342:2004, EN1149-5:2008

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