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NARJ-1 stainless steel human body electrostatic discharger

TheroleofNARJ-1stainlesssteelhumanbodyelectrostaticdischarger: Thehumanbodyelectrostaticdischargerisessentiallyagroundingconductor.Whenthehandofahumanbodywithstaticelectricitytouchesthegroundingconduc
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The role of NARJ-1 stainless steel human body electrostatic discharger:


The human body electrostatic discharger is essentially a grounding conductor. When the hand of a human body with static electricity touches the grounding conductor, the static electricity carried by the human body can discharge the grounding conductor through a relatively small portion of the hand resistance value, and the human body is electrostatically charged. Transfer out to achieve the purpose of releasing static electricity from the human body.


Static electricity generation and electrostatic hazard


When the human body is in a space with electrostatic particles (including frictional charging), if the human body is insulated from the earth, especially when wearing a rubber sole with a resistance value greater than 109 ohms, the human body becomes an isolated charged body.


When a certain part of the human body is charged with static electricity, it will cause the whole body to be charged and reach electrostatic balance. The resistance value of the human body is generally 400 to 500 ohms, which is a good conductor of static electricity, and the conductor is equipotential. And as activities continue to increase, the body's electrostatic potential is also increasing. When the human body's electrostatic potential exceeds 3 kV, there is a significant pain; when it exceeds 5 kV, the palm and the arm feel an electric shock, pain, and an electrostatic discharge spark from the tip of the finger. Therefore, the static electricity of the human body should be released in time, otherwise it will cause multiple hazards.


In electronic component manufacturing plants: Excessive static electricity in the human body can break down electronic components and cause product scrapping.


In the printing house: the static electricity of the human body will make the paper sheets stick together, difficult to separate, and cause trouble for printing.


In the pharmaceutical factory: the human body attracts dust from the static electricity, and enters the workshop with the human body, so that the medicine can not reach the standard purity;


On the operating table: the human body electrostatic spark can cause an explosion of anesthetic, hurting doctors and patients;


In flammable and explosive places: the human body's static sparks will cause gas explosion, which will lead to death and injury to workers, mines, and fires in the workshop.


The human body electrostatic discharge device is a very good method for releasing static electricity from the human body and eliminating the danger of static electricity in the human body.

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