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NAFJ-1 explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharger

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NAFJ-1 explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharge device is mainly suitable for inflammable and explosive places. The touch ball adopts “electrostatic sub-conductor” material, which slowly releases the static electricity of the human body, eliminates the hidden danger of static ignition, and comes standard with a clear warning sign, which not only reminds The touch of the staff also helps to improve the image of security management.


NAFJ-1 explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharge device introduction:


1. Applicable to Zone 1 and Zone 2 of explosive environment;


2. Applicable to the explosive environment of IIA, IIB and IIC;


3. Applicable to the environment where the temperature group is T1~4;


4. Applicable to explosive hazardous environments such as petroleum refining, storage and transportation, chemical, pharmaceutical, port petrochemical, military and military facilities;


5, especially suitable for warehouses, oil depots and other places.


Explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharger product features:


1. The ball adopts anti-static sub-conductor through composite conductive fiber material, and is treated with special chemical components to achieve anti-static resistance parameter.


2, explosion-proof touch ball, safe release of static electricity, human body contact does not produce electric shock, to achieve the release of absolutely no spark, intrinsic safety, explosion-proof static elimination.


3, the non-metallic material of the sphere can be effectively eliminated, because the summer outdoor temperature is hot and the outdoor temperature is low.


4, the technical content of the large sphere is released, 120mm makes the hand feel more comfortable.


5. Safe and reliable safety conduction effect of cable structure.

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