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JDBL-2 fixed electrostatic grounding alarm (stainless steel housing)

Name:JDBL-2fixedelectrostaticgroundingalarm(stainlesssteelhousing) Explosion-proofgrade:ExiallBT4Explosion-proofcertificatenumber:CE092024 Thealarmmoduleispoweredbya3.6Vlithiumbattery.Eliminatethe"fir
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Name: JDBL-2 fixed electrostatic grounding alarm (stainless steel housing)


Explosion-proof grade: Exia llBT4 Explosion-proof certificate number: CE092024


The alarm module is powered by a 3.6V lithium battery. Eliminate the "fire" hidden danger caused by replacing dry batteries in dangerous areas. The battery module has a test life of up to 7 years and a normal warranty of three years.


A: Using reliable integrated circuits, anti-static and alarm performance is stable and reliable.


B: The automatic grounding circuit resistance from the clamp body to the grounding pile is automatically monitored when the resistance value exceeds a predetermined value (generally 50 ohms).


Alarm volume: >90dB (30cm linear distance measurement)


Standard wiring length: the grounding line length is 3 meters per side, and the clamping end line length is 5 meters.


Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C


C: No switch operation, 24 hours automatic duty.


D: Rapid reaction ability, when the one side of the clip is in poor contact, an alarm response is immediately made.


E: Low power consumption, static power consumption is 0.5mA, and alarm is 25mA.


F: safe and easy, no adjustable components

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