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JDB-1 mobile electrostatic grounding alarm

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JDB-1 electrostatic grounding alarm is a static grounding alarm that does not need to be installed in double clip design. This alarm is sealed with epoxy resin, moisture proof, waterproof, anti-fall, oil and aging resistant cable, powder metallurgy and high hardness top dura. Casting, humanized design, anti-sliding body spray treatment, highlighting the noble and generous, spray-type mobile outer box, easy to carry, suitable for a variety of occasions. Let's take a look at the advantages of the JDB-1 grounding alarm.


JDB-1 electrostatic grounding alarm product features:


A, portable suitcase body, no mechanical installation, flexible movement.


B. Two grounding clamps, one end of the grounding pile, one end of the body.


C. This product is an intrinsically safe electrical device with good alarm performance.


D. Using reliable integrated circuits, anti-static and alarm performance is stable and reliable.


E. Automatically monitor the grounding loop resistance from the clamp body to the grounding pile to automatically monitor the resistance value when the resistance exceeds a predetermined value (typically 50 ohms).


F, no switch operation, low power consumption, 24 hours automatic on duty.




JDB-1 electrostatic grounding alarm product technical parameters:


1. Working power supply: high performance built-in lithium battery


2. Sleep current: <1mA


3. Working current: <5mA


4. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C


5. Response time: <1s


6. Grounding resistance: ≤55Ω


7. Explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT4 Gb


8. Static voltage resistance: ±20KV


9. Alarm mode: sound and light alarm (>90dB, 30cm linear distance measurement)




JDB-1 electrostatic grounding alarm product application field:


1. All kinds of mobile storage tanks such as cars and tank cars;


2. Gas station and oil depot;


3. Paint, pharmaceutical, alcohol and chemical plants and the sites where they need to be electrostatically grounded.


4, working principle: the use of strong springs, the use of the structure of the body into a lever, so that the broken needle of the clip head has a strong pressure, can break the rust barrier. Through the effective connection of the broken paint needle, the clamp body and the wire to the pile, the storage tank and the earth are connected in an equal position to discharge the static electricity.

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