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NA-RHZKF6.8/30*2 double bottle positive pressure air breathing apparatus

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NA-RHZKF6.8/30*2 double-bottle positive-pressure air breathing apparatus for positive-pressure air breathing apparatus that protects the respiratory system during emergency rescue. It is equipped with two 6.8L 30Mpa carbon fiber cylinders to extend the air supply time. 


NA-RHZKF6.8/30*2 double-bottle positive pressure air breathing apparatus is widely used in places with high concentration of hypoxia and toxic and harmful gases, as well as respiratory health that is harmful to human body. It is often used in fire protection, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and public Work environment such as emergency response to conduct self-protection.


The NA-RHZKF6.8/30*2 double-bottle positive-pressure air respirator is equipped with a full-faced, bright, airtight and comprehensive cover. The air supply unit is equipped with a new air supply valve with small size, light weight and stable performance. Use high-strength backboard and high-quality high-pressure carbon fiber cylinders with high safety factor; the pressure reducing valve device is equipped with a residual pressure alarm, which can send an audible signal to the wearer within the specified cylinder pressure range to remind the user to evacuate in time. on site.


NA-RHZKF6.8/30*2 double bottle positive pressure air breathing apparatus technical parameters

Cylinder volume: 6.8L*2

Gas cylinder working pressure: ≤30MPa

Respiratory resistance (exhalation): ≤1000Pa

Respiratory resistance (inhalation): ≤500Pa

Alarm pressure: 5.5±0.5M Pa

Machine weight (lightest configuration): 11.9KG

Use time: 136 minutes

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