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Dräger PSS3600 positive pressure air breathing apparatus

productdescription: TheDrägerPSS®3600PositivePressureAirRespiratorisanewgenerationofhighperformancerespiratorsforavarietyofapplications.Integratingadvancedergonomicsandawiderangeofconfigurationoptions
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Product Details

product description:


The Dräger PSS®3600 Positive Pressure Air Respirator is a new generation of high performance respirators for a variety of applications. Integrating advanced ergonomics and a wide range of configuration options, the Dräger PSS®3600 offers users the ultimate in comfort and flexibility to meet the needs of any emergency response personnel who require respiratory protection.


Technical Parameters


Backplane weight (backplane and carrying system): 2.70Kg

Size (H × W × D): 590mm × 290mm × 160mm

Input pressure: 0 - 300bar

Primary decompression output flow: up to 1000 (l/min)

LDV output flow: up to 500 (l/min)

Alarm starting pressure: 50 – 60 (bar)

Alarm decibel: >90 (dBA)


Product advantages:


Optimized design, easy to use


The Dräger PSS3600 is one of the lightest air respirators in the world. Dräger once again applies the advanced technology and design concept of the classic professional airfare, and innovatively developed a durable hollow high-strength material backing plate, which is not only ergonomic, but also has excellent heat radiation resistance, wear resistance and tearing. And anti-chemical properties. In the harsh fire environment, the Dräger PSS3600 is very comfortable to wear and is particularly stable and reliable. The Dräger PSS3600 not only obtained the latest CCCF mandatory fire certification and LA certification from the Ministry of Public Security, but also passed the EN137 1000 ° C high temperature flame test, which has excellent anti-wear and anti-heat radiation characteristics.


l Enhanced piggyback system


The Dräger PSS3600 incorporates a strap that can be precisely attached to the backplane. The advanced extruded waterproof EVA harness is protected by CR rubber edge protection for tear and abrasion resistance. The sturdy, wear-resistant, flame-retardant FR-TPE belt ensures a tight fit on the user's body even when the user moves a lot. The refined stainless steel metal locks highlight the PSS3600 quality and are easy to use.


l Pipeline integration, flexible


In order to reduce the risk of being hooked and avoid physical damage, the pressure pipe and the air supply pipe are integrated in the back panel of the Dräger PSS3600, which not only prevents thermal radiation shock, but also greatly enhances the safety of entering and working in a confined space environment. Sex. The Y-type tee can also be easily integrated into the medium pressure tube, and the Bodyguard II intelligent electronic bodyguard system can also be selected. This design concept makes the Dräger PSS3600 extremely flexible and versatile.


l Easy maintenance


During service and maintenance, in order to minimize downtime and minimize costs, the Dräger PSS3600 incorporates many unique designs, all of which can be easily removed or reconnected from the backplane without the use of any tools. The strap is attached to the backing plate by a single adjustment of the innovative design. The snap connection of the primary pressure relief valve allows the pneumatic section to be quickly installed or removed from the respirator. The pipe clamp allows the pipe to be quickly removed and cleaned from the backing plate.


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