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Ba Gu C900 positive pressure air respirator

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Bagu positive pressure air breathing apparatus C900 product introduction:


The BAGU105 C900 positive pressure air breathing apparatus uses a gas cylinder as the air source. The gas contained in the cylinder is compressed air. This product complies with the standards of HSE-ALFW 1 , HSE - AL - FW2 and prEN12245. According to the level between the pressure in the mask and the ambient pressure during the breathing process, it can be divided into positive pressure type and external pressure type. The BAGU105 C900 positive pressure air breathing apparatus maintains a positive pressure in the mask during use, which is safer and widely used. For the common Bagu C900 positive pressure air breathing apparatus, when in use, open the cylinder valve, the air enters the mask through the pressure reducer, the air supply valve and the guide tube for the personnel to breathe; the exhaled exhaust gas is directly discharged through the exhalation valve. Since it does not require treatment and recycling of the exhaled exhaust gas, the structure is relatively simple and convenient to use.


The main features of the Bagu positive pressure air breathing apparatus C900:


PANO full face mask

• Suitable for Asian faces and comfortable to wear;

• Wide field of view, higher safety, double-layer design of the mask sealing edge to avoid intrusion of toxic and harmful gases into the mask;

• Positive pressure design (3 mbar), connected to the air supply valve through a quick-insertion interface, the new exhalation valve

significantly reduces the expiratory resistance;

• Equipped with a sound transmission film (the side sound transmission film is convenient to use the walkie-talkie), equipped with a quick release buckle system, and the headband is easy to adjust;

• equipped with a mouth and nose mask to reduce the amount of CO2 exhaled in the mask;

• The airflow inside the mask automatically flushes the screen to prevent fogging.


Air supply valve

• Unique quick plug-in design for easy use and fast air supply;

• Small size and light weight ensure excellent visibility;

• Breathing comfort is easy, the maximum air supply can reach 450 liters / min or more, to ensure positive pressure inside the mask (3 mbar), more safe and reliable;

• Easy to replace with a medium-pressure tube via a rotary interface.


Pressure reducer

• Simple and reliable structure, pressure replenishment type, maintaining continuous pressure (7 bar) and flow rate (>450 l/min) in the medium pressure circulation system;

• Scalable, single or double bottles;

• Equipped with a pressure relief safety valve, which automatically relieves pressure when the pressure in the medium pressure circuit is greater than 11 bar, ensuring user safety;

• Equipped with a handy handwheel for loading and unloading gas cylinders;

• Equipped with a rescue interface, it can be connected to a mask-type ventilation hood for breathing when the second party is



Luxfer professional carbon fiber bottle

• 4.7L can be used for about 30 minutes; 6.8L can be used for about 45 minutes; 9L can be used for about 60 minutes;

• Bottle thread system: M18x1.5, in line with HSE-ALFW 1 , HSE - AL - FW2, prEN12245 standard;

• The gas cylinder has a rubber backing to protect the cylinder surface from damage.

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