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Mesian AX2100 series self-contained air breathing apparatus

Productparameters Workingpressure:30MPaInitialalarmpressure:5.0~6.0MPaPrimarypressureregulatingvalveoutputpressure:0.7MPaThewholesetweight:about8Kg(notinflated)Gassupplyflowrate:≥500L/minRespiratoryre
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Product Details

Product parameters


Working pressure: 30MPa

Initial alarm pressure: 5.0~6.0MPa

Primary pressure regulating valve output pressure: 0.7MPa

The whole set weight: about 8Kg (not inflated)

Gas supply flow rate: ≥500L/min

Respiratory resistance: <4.2mbar

Gas cylinder water volume: 6.8L

Air supply: >2040 liters

Usage time: >68 minutes (calculated according to air consumption of 30 liters/min)


Infinitely variable air supply valve:

 Infinitely variable flow control;

The maximum air supply flow rate exceeds 600L/min, and the extreme environment can be fearless.


Spherical air supply valve:

lighter weight, about 80% of the weight of the original air supply valve;

Plug and play in one second, even when wearing heavy gloves is fast;

The bypass valve has twice the safety protection;

Add an emergency channel for breathing air supply.


Human mechanics backboard:

Developed specifically for Asians, it has a gentler curvature and a more comfortable fit.

The gas supply pipeline is embedded in the backing plate to avoid the risk of the pipeline being caught;

A rotating belt can be added to make the respirator easier to carry;

Designed with a large hand space, it is more convenient to carry a respirator.


Permanent anti-fog mask:

Permanent anti-fog design, always clear vision.


Zippered shoulder strap:

Easy to operate, support the gas supply pipe to quickly interchange around, the key moment, one step faster!


Double scale:

Unique MPa/bar dual scale design to meet double reading standards, life information can not be misread!

Application market:


Market: Fire Service, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Public Facilities

Applications: Secret Labs, Confined Space, Food Processing, Spraying, Search and Rescue, Tactics/SWAT SWAT Team

The product has passed the test of the National Fire Equipment Inspection Center and obtained the CCCF fire product compulsory certification.

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