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NA-RHZK6/30 positive pressure air breathing apparatus

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NOAA Technology NA-RHZK6/30 Positive Pressure Air Respirator 6L Air Respirator

NOAA Technology NA-RHZK6/30 positive pressure air breathing apparatus is equipped with a wide-faced, bright, airtight and comprehensive cover. The air supply unit is equipped with a new type of air supply valve with small volume, light weight and stable performance. High-strength high-pressure gas cylinder with high strength back plate and high safety factor; the pressure reducing valve device is equipped with a residual gas alarm, which can send an audible signal to the wearer within the specified pressure range of the cylinder to remind the user to evacuate the scene in time. This series of products, in the same kind of products, has the advantages of light weight, small size, use, convenient maintenance, comfortable wearing and stable performance. It is an ideal personal respiratory protection device for disaster relief and fire fighting operations. The product has passed the test of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and meets the requirements of GA124-2004. Marine respirators have been type approved and inspected by China Classification Society.

Nuoan Technology NA-RHZK6/30 positive pressure air breathing apparatus 6L air breathing apparatus parameters


Specification model

Overall weight ≤14kg
Package Size 755×460×290mm
Applicable ambient temperature -30℃~60℃
Gas cylinder rated working pressure 30MPa
Cylinder volume (water volume) 6L
Gas cylinder maximum gas storage 1800L
usage time 50-60min
Maximum inspiratory resistance ≤500Pa
Maximum expiratory resistance ≤1000Pa
Residual air alarm pressure 4~6 MPa
Alarm sound level ≥90dB
Carbon dioxide content in the inhaled gas ≤1%

Noon Technology 6L positive pressure air breathing apparatus for more parameters, please consult:
400-003-0866 (National free unified service hotline)

Noon Technology NA-RHZK6/30 positive pressure air breathing apparatus 6L air breathing apparatus main structure


1、Suitable for Asian face, comfortable to wear

2、Wide field of view, higher safety, double-sided design of the mask sealing edge to avoid intrusion of toxic and harmful gases into the mask

3、Positive pressure design (3 mbar), connected to the air supply valve through a quick plug-in interface, the new exhalation valve significantly reduces the expiratory resistance

4、Equipped with a sound transmission film (side sound transmission film for easy use of walkie-talkie), with a quick release buckle system, easy adjustment of the headband

5、Equipped with a mouth and nose mask to reduce the amount of CO2 exhaled in the mask

6、The airflow inside the mask automatically flushes the screen to prevent fogging


Simple structure, strong functionality, large output flow, bypass output, small size


The backrest design is ergonomically designed and injection molded from carbon fiber composite material. It has flame retardant and antistatic functions. It is light and strong. It is lined with elastic pads on the inside of the backing to make the wearer comfortable.


Small volume, large flow, stable output pressure, optimized design of pressure reducer, guaranteed service life of more than 15 years, stable and reliable

Noon Technology 6L positive pressure air breathing apparatus more features, please consult: 400-003-0866 (National free unified service hotline)


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