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CCHG1000 direct reading dust concentration measuring instrument (mine)

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CCHG1000 pulverized coal concentration detector is based on the principle of infrared absorption, an instrument for measuring the concentration of floating dust in ambient air. The instrument is based on MT163-1997 <General technical conditions for direct reading dust concentration measuring instrument> and Q/320581FYK007 direct reading dust concentration measuring instrument>Enterprise standard and GB3836.4-2000 standard ExibI grade (intrinsically safe type) explosion-proof design dust Concentration measuring instrument, the separation efficiency of the breathing separation device of CCHG1000 pulverized coal concentration detector fully complies with the internationally recognized "BMRC" curve requirement, which can accurately and timely reflect the quality of the breathing dust inhaled by the dust collector and the dust in different dust working places. The pollution status provides reliable data for the accurate evaluation of the hygienic conditions of the workplace. The instrument is suitable for underground coal mines and other workplaces where there is also an explosive atmosphere.

CCHG1000 pulverized coal concentration detector supporting equipment: tripod, charger, printer, respiratory dust sampling head, total dust sampling head, aluminum alloy packaging box, etc.;


Main Specifications:


1. Dust concentration measurement range: 0.1mg/m3--1000 mg/m3


2. Relative error of dust meter measurement: ±25%


3. Relative stability error: ± 2.5%


4. Sampling range: Respirable dust, full dust


5. The sampling flow is: 2.0L/min


6. Sampling flow error: ≤ 2.5%


7. Sampling flow stability: ≤ ± 5%


8. Sampling performance: in line with the "BMRC" sampling performance curve


9. Power supply: Ni-H battery 2.5A/h, 6 sections, 3 series 0.51Ω/10W current limiting resistors, potted with epoxy resin and placed in the battery box, rated voltage U 7.2V; its highest Output voltage U 8.4V; maximum output current: 4.6A 10. Operating voltage: 6.5V~8.4V Dc (intrinsically safe)


11. Explosion-proof type: Mine intrinsically safe type,

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