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NA-0628-A all stainless steel pressure tank trolley eye wash

Mainfeature Ithasstrongresistancetochemicalssuchasacid,alkali,saltandoil.Noneedtoinstall,youcanmovetothesceneatanytimeandquickly.Theportableeyewashdevicefortrolleysissuitableforuseinwaterlessplaces,an
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Product Details

Main feature


It has strong resistance to chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt and oil.

No need to install, you can move to the scene at any time and quickly. The portable eye wash device for trolleys is suitable for use in waterless places, and it is convenient and quick to move. High-quality anti-corrosion nozzles for quick and easy spraying, which will earn more valuable time for the injured.  



Main application


Widely used in nuclear energy, power stations, pharmaceuticals, medical, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, metallurgy, smelting, printing, printing and dyeing, education and research units, etc.



Technical Parameters


Material: high quality stainless steel;

Volume: 28L

Use volume: 1.5*15=22.5L

Safety valve: 0.4MPa pressure relief

Pressure gauge: high-precision pressure gauge, residual pressure display, monitoring at any time;

Water level display: the remaining water level display, pay attention to the water level at any time, do not worry about use;

Sewage discharge system: draining water, impurities, etc. in the tank;

Stroller support system: triangular support, stable parking, push-pull and light;


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