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BX6 portable trolley eye wash

installationmethod Itmustbeplacednearahazardousworkareaandshouldnotbetoofaraway.Mustbefilledwithpurifiedwaterortapwater.Theportableeyewashbucketismountedonthetrolleyforeasymovementandconvenientuse;the
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installation method


It must be placed near a hazardous work area and should not be too far away.

Must be filled with purified water or tap water.

The portable eye wash bucket is mounted on the trolley for easy movement and convenient use; the portable eye wash bucket can also be placed on the wall or the fixed bracket, for example, fixed on the bracket, the eyewash bracket must be fully opened; On the wall, first install the "Ding" type support on the wall, and then hang the portable eye wash bucket on the 'Ding' type support.

The portable eye wash bucket must be placed 84-114 cm above the ground; if it is mounted on a wall, the 'D' hook is fixed at a height of 1.5 m from the ground.


Note: The fixing must be able to withstand a weight of 15 kg.





Pull down the eye wash bracket and let the water squirt out.

Open your eyelids and let the water rinse your eyes.

Small cart portable eye wash product parts.

The portable eye wash barrel has a capacity of 53L and a usage time of 15 minutes.

Small cart and water container.





1. Wash the portable eye wash bucket with neutral soapy water.

2. Clean the water again.

3. Always close the bracket to protect the eye wash and keep the water source off.

4. Open the bracket once a week, let the water squirt for 15 seconds, and flush the tubing to ensure normal operation in case of emergency.

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