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NA-6610 304 stainless steel standard shower composite eye washer

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Product Details

Material: 304 stainless steel. The thickness is 3MM.

Working pressure 0.2-0.4MPA.

Process: The entire set of equipment is polished. High brightness and corrosion resistance.

Eye wash basin: Specification: 260mm in diameter and 0.6mm in thickness, used to receive eyewash wastewater.

Shower basin: diameter 260mm, thickness 0.6mm. The height of the shower basin from the ground is 2100mm. Spray only. Process: multiple stamping and forming by rotating mold, crimping design, no burr, high polishing brightness, exquisite and durable.


Eyewasher dust cover

304 stainless steel, when not in use, it is covered on the eye wash nozzle to prevent dust from contaminating the eye wash nozzle, which is unsanitary when the accident occurs.


Pipe: 5/4 inch threaded connection. 304 stainless steel,


Access port: 5/4 inch threaded connection. The height from the ground is 1580MM.


Wastewater outlet: 5/4 inch threaded connection, the height from the ground is 150MM.


Switch: fixed open push plate ball valve switch, pull rod control shower system.


Eye wash nozzle: 304 stainless steel. The high-density PP+304 double-layer filter can filter impurities in the water, and the sprayed water is aerosolized, and it is harmonious and gentle.


Base: Aluminum alloy (grade 6070 is corrosion resistant), 304 stainless steel is also available. Secure with three M10-80mm expansion screws.


Pedal: It is used to control the opening of the eyewash valve, which is more convenient and quick to open.


Excellent features: Authentic 304 stainless steel material, containing more than 8 nickel. Standard configuration, can prevent acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances.


Performance: High performance against corrosive solutions such as acid, alkali, salt and oil


Function: It is used in petroleum, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. When chemical liquids, toxic and harmful substances occur, and fire splashes on the body, face and eyes of workers, it can be quickly washed to reduce the degree of harm.


Standard: Meets the US ANSI Z358.1.2004 standard.


Optional configuration: emptying device; flange connection; reducer joint; water source filter; flow regulator; foot pedal; yellow ABS basin.


Packing specification: carton packaging (74*28*23), table/box, gross weight: 14KG.


Quality Commitment: The material is authentic 304 stainless steel (more than 8 nickel content)

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