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Safety shower eye wash + linkage flip cover laboratory emergency shower eye wash spray double anti-type manufacturers

Productdescription 1.Thisproductuseshigh-strengthaluminumalloydie-castingbase;2.Luminoushandpushhandle:round,comfortable,quickguidance,easytooperate;3.Showershower:94holesarecarefullydesigned,theedgeh
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Product description


1. This product uses high-strength aluminum alloy die-casting base;

2. Luminous hand push handle: round, comfortable, quick guidance, easy to operate;

3. Shower shower: 94 holes are carefully designed, the edge half hole water, the range is more standard;

4. The mold is integrally cast and molded, seamless and does not burst;

5. Linkage large flip cover: open the cover to discharge water, close the cover to shut off the water;

6. Pipe: food-grade sanitary pipe, safer and more assured;

7. Flow rate of water: flow control adjustment, soft water, crossover, flow rate can be adjusted;

8. Ball valve: two-piece ball valve design, flow rate up to standard;

9. Standard: Meets the American ANSI Z 358.1-2014 standard.



Technical Parameters


1. Function: eye wash + shower

2. The height of the shower basin from the ground: 2083-2438mm

3. The distance from the shower to the obstacle: the distance from the center of the spray range to the obstacle ≥ 406mm

4. Diameter of effluent water: 1524mm horizontal plane from the ground, effluent diameter ≥ 508mm

5. Upper ball valve rod height: from the user's standing plane ≤ 1733mm

6. Eyewash flow rate: ≥11.4L/min for more than 15min

7. Drainage flow: ≥75.7L/min for more than 15min

8, eye wash nozzle height: from the ground height 838-1143mm

9. Eyewash nozzle spacing: ≥101.6mm, center symmetry

10, eye wash water height: ≥ 203mm

11, the inlet and outlet aperture: DN32 (1.2 inch)

12, start time: fast start in 1 second

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