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NA-1062-B electric heating eye wash

Productdescription Thewholemachinematerial:ItadoptsSS304stainlesssteelmaterial,containsmorethan8nickel,thewallthicknessis3mm,thewholemachineadoptspolishingprocess,andhasthecharacteristicsofhighbrightn
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Product description


The whole machine material: It adopts SS304 stainless steel material, contains more than 8 nickel, the wall thickness is 3mm, the whole machine adopts polishing process, and has the characteristics of high brightness and corrosion resistance


eye wash water dust-proof device: soft material, eye wash is safer, can effectively prevent secondary damage; fixed dust cover, eye wash can be closed, to prevent loss, clean, avoid chain-type movable dust cover Easy to lose situation;


eyewash water flow adjustment device: adjustable flow device, can adjust the flow rate of water at any time, effectively avoid the situation of water pressure instability, so that the water from the two sides of the eye can be crossed at 203mm height, the flow reaches 16-18L / min International standard requirements (please confirm that the site water pressure reaches 0.25mpa);


Eyewash filter: high-density PP + 304 double-layer filter, can filter impurities in the water, the sprayed water is aerosol-like, hug, mild;


eyewash assembly: 304 casting parts finishing composition, 90 degree elbow using seamless tube, no weld seam, will not cause the wall burst due to water pressure during use;


wash the basin: use 1MM eye wash thickened straight side basin, the water is more concentrated to prevent splashing water;


shower basin: diameter 260mm, thickness 0.6mm, shower 360 degree rotating shower, no dead angle, full body coverage area, meet and exceed the US standard (required at a height of 1524mm from the ground, the diameter of the shower reaches a diameter of 508mm) The flow rate of the shower reaches 180L/min, just at the height of 1524mm, reaching the coverage of 508mm in diameter, which fully meets the requirements of the American standard for the scope of eyewash washing;


Shower ball valve: inner diameter Φ24mm, water flow rate reaches 172L/min under water pressure of 0.25Mpa, eyewash valve: inner diameter 15mm. (Two heads are sealed), the water flow rate is 24.8L/MM; the two-piece ball valve is used above and below, which is better than one-piece ball valve, and the hole diameter is large, which can meet the American standard for eyewash flow. (rushing ≧ 75.7L / min, eye wash 11.4L / min) requirements, effective and rapid washing;


voltage and current: AC220V, 25A current;


emptying antifreeze device: suitable for use in areas below 0 °C;

Insulation layer: environmentally friendly rubber and plastic materials;

the outer layer: warning yellow PP material, can resist the corrosion of various chemicals;

base: 304 stainless steel castings, durable;

inlet and outlet: 5 / 4 inch threaded connection;

performance: has a good resistance to acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive solutions;

Function: used in petroleum, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, when chemical liquids, toxic and hazardous substances, and fire splashes on the body, face, eyes of workers quickly rinse to reduce the degree of damage;


Standard: in line with the US ANSI Z 358.1-2014 standard;

Packaging specifications: wooden box packaging, 1 / box.



Technical Parameters


1. Material: 304 stainless steel

2, shower flow: ≥ 75.7L / min, lasting more than 15min

3, the height of the shower basin from the ground: 2083-2438mm

4, the distance from the shower shower to the obstacle: the distance from the center of the spray range to the obstacle ≥ 406mm

5, the diameter of the shower water: from the ground 1524mm horizontal plane, the diameter of the water ≥ 508mm

6, the height of the upper ball valve rod: from the user standing plane ≤ 1733mm

7. Eyewash flow rate: ≥11.4L/min for more than 15min

8, eye wash nozzle height: from the ground height 838-1143mm

9. Eyewash nozzle spacing: ≥101.6mm, center symmetry

10, eye wash water height: ≥ 203mm

11, the inlet and outlet aperture: DN32 (1.2 inch)

12, start time: fast start in 1 second

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