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NA-6610-D antifreeze emptying combined eye wash device with pedal eye wash emergency shower eye wash

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304 stainless steel. Thickness 3MM. Fully automatic emptying device, people stand on the big pedal of the eye wash device, open the hand push plate, the eye wash device automatically discharges water, the eye wash device is used up, the hand push plate is closed, the water outlet valve is automatically closed, and the whole can be directly drained. The residual water inside the eyewash system pipeline prevents icing and ensures the normal use of the eyewash in icing weather. There is no need to do the second opening of the emptying valve, which is convenient and convenient.


Working pressure 0.2-0.4MPA.




The entire set of equipment is polished. High brightness and corrosion resistance.


Product Description


The whole machine is made of SS304 stainless steel (more than 8 nickel)


Eye-washing water-proof dust-proof device


It is made of soft rubber material, which is safer to wash eyes and prevent secondary injury. Fixed dust cover can be closed after washing eyes to prevent loss and cleanliness. (Avoid the chain-type movable dust cover is easy to lose)



Eyewash water flow regulation device


Adjustable flow device, the water flow can be adjusted at any time, effectively avoiding the instability of water pressure, etc., so that the water from the two sides can be crossed and held at a height of 203mm, and the flow rate reaches 16-18L/min. International standard requirements (please confirm that the site water pressure reaches 0.25mpa).



Eyewash filter

high-density PP + 304 double-layer filter, can filter impurities in the water, the sprayed water is aerosol-like, hug, mild.

Eyewash assembly: 304 castings are finished. The 90-degree elbow is made of seamless tube and has no weld seam. It will not cause the wall to burst due to water pressure during use.



Washing the basin

Use 1MM eye-washing thickened straight-sided basin to concentrate the water and prevent splashing.



Shower basin

diameter 260mm, thickness 0.6mm, shower 360 degree rotating shower, no dead angle, large body coverage area, meet and exceed the US standard (requires height of 1524mm from the ground, the diameter of the shower reaches 508mm diameter) The flow rate of the shower reaches 180L/min, just at the height of 1524mm, reaching the coverage of 508mm in diameter, which fully meets the requirements of the American standard for the scope of eye wash.



Shower ball valve


inner diameter Φ24mm, at 0.25Mpa water pressure, the outlet flow rate reaches 172L/min), eyewash valve: inner diameter 15mm. (Two seals are added), the outlet flow rate is 24.8L/MM. The two-piece ball valve is used above and below, which is superior to one-piece ball valve. The hole diameter is large, which can meet the American standard for eyewash flow. (rushing ≧ 75.7L / min, eye wash 11.4L / min) requirements, effective and rapid flushing.



Eyewasher steel pipe


The stainless steel pipe is made of stainless steel pipe with more than 8 kinds of SS304 inside and outside polished steel pipe. The wall thickness of the pipe is 3mm.




The new large pedal base is easy to disassemble and install, and it has firm fixation; it adopts laser cutting/line cutting processing, and the precision is enhanced; it avoids the inflexibility of the old or the old models on the market, and the positioning of the empty ball valve is not allowed to leak. 304 stainless steel).

Inlet and outlet: 5/4 inch threaded connection, can be customized according to requirements. Medium water intake method. Can be customized according to requirements. ,




It has good performance against corrosive solutions such as acid, alkali, salt and oil.

Function: It is used in petroleum, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. When chemical liquids, toxic and harmful substances occur, and fire splashes on the body, face and eyes of workers, it can be quickly washed to reduce the degree of damage.



Optional configuration

emptying device; 316 material; flange connection; reducer joint; water source filter; foot pedal.





in line with the US ANSI Z358.1.2009 standard.



Packaging specifications

carton packaging (74 * 28 * 23), 1 / box, gross weight: 13KG.

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