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RHF01-W liquid dense chemical protective clothing (separate type)

Productdescription RHF01-Wliquid-tightchemicalprotectiveclothingismadeofmulti-layermodifiedPVCmaterial.Itisultrasonicallyweldedandheat-sealed.Itcaneffectivelyprotectmediasuchasliquidandparticles,andit
Product Details

Product description


RHF01-W liquid-tight chemical protective clothing is made of multi-layer modified PVC material. It is ultrasonically welded and heat-sealed. It can effectively protect media such as liquid and particles, and it can protect the splash of high-concentration chemical liquid. Chemical protective clothing can provide effective daily protection to workers in general industrial, processing and petrochemical environments.


Product details


1. High-quality multi-layer modified PVC material, which can effectively resist moderate concentration chemical substances;

2. Sleeve Ansell gloves comply with EN (374) "Chemical and Microbiological Protective Gloves" standards;

3. The anti-chemical gloves and garments are sealed and connected by special buckles, and the user can replace the gloves according to the protection objects;

4. High-strength, high-toughness, all heat-sealing tape seals to prevent chemical penetration, anti-static EN1149-5 fabric flame retardant meets EN533 test standard (added on anti-static);

5. Double-layer sill zipper design to ensure adhesion and increase protection performance;

6. Siamese steel toe cap anti-chemical boots;

7. One-piece design, the wrist and ankle are elastic.


Product parameters


1. Material: double-coated modified PVC with flame retardant fabric;

2. Color: Peacock Blue

3. Fabric thickness: 0.4mm

4. Anti-acid and alkali penetration time:

98% sulfuric acid: 95 (min) is not transparent

30% hydrochloric acid: 95 (min) is not transparent

60% nitric acid: 95 (min) is not transparent

40% sodium hydroxide: 95 (min) is not transparent

5. Breaking strength: warp direction 400, weft direction 307

6. Anti-aging performance (120 ° C 24h): no sticking and no crack

7. Cold resistance (-40 ° C 5min fold 180 °) no crack

8. Flame retardant performance: continuous burning time ≤ 5s, anti-static performance

9. Flame retardant time: ≤10s

10. Damaged length: ≤10cm


Implementation standards


《GA770-2008 Firefighter Chemical Protective Clothing》

《GB24540-2009 Acid and alkali chemical protective clothing》

Biological Medium

"Applicable to Explosive danger zone"




This product is widely used in chemical liquid storage container cleaning, chemical substance mixing and preparation, acid and alkaline chemical treatment, high-hazard chemical protection, emergency rescue and other environmental and local use.

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