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NA-RHZKF6.8L/30 positive pressure air breathing apparatus

Features ●Usinganewlarge-fieldfull-facecover,anti-fog,anti-glare,widefieldofview,goodairtightnessandcomfortablewearing;●Thegassupplyvalveissmallinvolume,largeingassupply,reliableinperformance,anddoesn
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●Using a new large-field full-face cover, anti-fog, anti-glare, wide field of view, good air tightness and comfortable wearing;

●The gas supply valve is small in volume, large in gas supply, reliable in performance, and does not affect the field of view during use;

●The back plate is made of carbon fiber composite material, which is light in weight and high in strength;

●The new pressure reducer is compact and compact, with built-in safety valve and reliable performance.

●The pressure gauge has waterproof, shockproof and luminous display functions. The residual pressure alarm is small in size, light in weight, and the alarm is accurate and bright;

●The bottle valve is equipped with a ratcheting check device, and the bottle valve with pressure display is optional;

● The same set of backplane 6.8L and 9.0L carbon fiber composite gas cylinders can be replaced at will.


Product Specifications


Specifications Model NA-RHZKF6.8/30

Overall weight ≤10kg

Dimensions 600×270×210

Applicable ambient temperature -30 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Gas cylinder rated working pressure 30MPa

Cylinder volume (water volume) 6.8L

Gas cylinder maximum gas storage capacity 2040L

Gas supply characteristics

Maximum suction resistance ≤500Pa

Maximum expiratory resistance ≤1000Pa

Residual air alarm pressure 5~6 MPa

Alarm sound level ≥90dB

Carbon dioxide content in the inhaled gas ≤1%


The main structure of the product


Full face mask: large field of view window, suitable for Asian face type, face window lens made of polycarbonate material, anti-fogging treatment, its light transmittance can reach 92%, providing users with a clearer wide field of view; The hood is worn comfortably and conveniently. The gel is made of silica gel. It is non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating and has good air tightness. The double-sided design of the mask sealing edge is more effective in avoiding the intrusion of toxic gases and ensuring the safety of the user.




Breathing valve: It is made of imported materials, and the overall high temperature resistance, flame retardant resistance, radiation resistance and impact resistance are improved and upgraded; quick insertion design, easy operation, fast gas supply; light and compact design, clearer view; 450 Maximum air supply above liters per minute, easy breathing, ensuring that the mask is in a positive pressure state, safe and reliable;

Carbon fiber cylinder: carbon fiber-wound composite gas cylinder, using winding stress analysis design, using high-quality carbon fiber, imported epoxy resin, winding, high-temperature curing, etc. more than a dozen processes, than the old metal gas cylinder (cylinder, aluminum alloy) Seamless gas cylinder) has better performance. The working pressure of the cylinder is 30Mpa, which increases the gas storage capacity and reduces the weight by 50% compared with the metal cylinder of the same volume, making the user more relaxed and comfortable in the high-rise building or deep underground. It is more convenient to use mines and other situations in case of ambulance or severe disasters. Carbon fiber composite gas cylinders are also poor conductors of electricity, and composite gas cylinders are neutralized in the case of erosion and corrosion, and thus more safe;

The back plate/cup holder backing design is ergonomically designed and injection molded from carbon fiber composite material. It has flame retardant and antistatic functions. It is light and sturdy. It is lined with elastic pads on the inside of the backing to make the wearer comfortable

Decompression assembly: small volume, large flow, stable output pressure, optimized design of the pressure reducer to ensure a service life of more than 15 years, stable and reliable.

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