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NA·X200SH German type high pressure air filling pump

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NA·X200SH German high-pressure air filling pump is a cost-effective, safe and reliable product. It can be inflated at the same time. It can be inflated at the same time. It is suitable for units with large inflation. Compressed air meets the European EN12021 breathing standard. Mainly used in diving, fire fighting, paintball, aerospace, petrochemical, air tightness testing, blasting, precision instruments and other fields. It can also provide clean, safe and reliable gas sources for other industries. It is composed of reliable and high-life components, featuring compact structure, simple maintenance, easy to use and pure export gas.

The air-filling pump acts as a machine for increasing gas pressure or conveying gas, and can directly compress air in a free state to compressed air having a gauge pressure of 225 bar/330 bar, which flows through a separator, a filter and a unit in the unit. After cooling, the oil and impurities contained in the high-pressure air are removed, and the discharged clean and odorless gas is compressed into a high-pressure gas cylinder or a high-pressure vessel, which is a reliable high-pressure gas supply device.


● Technical Parameters  


Basic parameters


Compressed medium


Ambient temperature


Safety valve setting pressure

220/330 bar

Working pressure



200 l/min

Compression series


Number of cylinders


Drive mode  

gasoline engine

 Size (D*W*H)mm

1100 mm×500 mm×720 mm

Unit weight  


Air quality standard breathing air standard

EN12021 EN12021


Export to the EU CE certification CCS classification society certification quality system certification

Basic details of driven  


GX270 gasoline engine



Rotating speed


Fuel tank capacity

5.9 L


≤85 dB db


● Filling pump host


Splash lubrication

Lubricating oil: food grade special oil (US Ruifu Bao's BS750)

Oil pool capacity: 1.6 liters

Intake filter

Cooler after each stage of compression

The temperature of the compressed gas after passing through the cooler is approximately 10-15 °C above ambient temperature

Intermediate stage water oil separator (except the first stage) after each stage of compression, final stage water oil separator

Safety valve and final safety valve are installed after each stage of compression

There is a pressure maintenance valve before the outlet of the filling pump, which is automatically opened at around 15Mpa, so that the compressed air ensures enhanced filtration.

The filling pump has been filled with lubricating oil and tested by the whole machine.

The filling pump has a breathing air filter and a triple filtration system consisting of activated carbon, molecular sieve and carbon monoxide adsorbent to ensure that the filtered compressed air reaches the EN12021 breathing air standard.


● Filling pump construction and style


The filling pump is mounted on a stable chassis

Transmission mode: belt drive


● Safety and control


Final pressure 330 bar, motor overload protection, manual blowdown (once every 20 minutes), automatic shutdown, fill pump run time timer


Automatic start, automatic stop, automatic sewage discharge, pressure adjustment (※Customized)

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