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NA80-C gas leak detector

1ProductOverview Thisproductisanintrinsicallysafedevicethatcontinuouslydetectsgasconcentrations.Itissuitableforgasleakageandrescueinexplosion-proofplaces,undergroundpipelinesormines,etc.,whichcaneffec
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1 Product Overview


This product is an intrinsically safe device that continuously detects gas concentrations. It is suitable for gas leakage and rescue in explosion-proof places, underground pipelines or mines, etc., which can effectively ensure the safety of workers and the production equipment is not damaged.


Portable gas detector uses natural diffusion method to detect gas. Sensitive components use high-quality gas sensor, which has excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The instrument adopts embedded microcomputer control, simple operation, complete functions, high reliability, and various self-control. Adaptability; use dot matrix LCD display, intuitive and clear; small and beautiful portable design not only makes you love it, it is more convenient for you to use.


The portable gas detector shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic and compound non-slip rubber. It has high strength, good hand feeling, and is waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof.


One button sets the full Chinese menu, “fool-like” operation, you can use it with your hands. The full range of the tested gas can set the alarm point and the battery voltage is displayed in real time.


1.1 The design, manufacture and verification of this product comply with the following national standards:


GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive environment - Part 1: General requirements for equipment"


GB 3836.4-2010 Explosive atmospheres Part 4: Equipment protected by intrinsically safe "i"


GB15322.3-2003 Portable flammable gas detectors Part 3:


Portable flammable gas detector with a measuring range of (0 to 100)% LEL


GB/T 191-2008 packaging storage and transportation icon


2 main functions and technical indicators


2.1 main functions


Portable Gas Detector with Advanced Ultra Low Power 32-Bit Microcontroller


High and low alarm points can be set, two levels of alarms, and the screen displays alarm categories.


The calibration concentration value is adjustable for user calibration


Battery undervoltage prompt


Replaceable modular sensor


Automatic calibration function to reduce detection error


Two-level triple alarm (sound, light, vibration), not easy to ignore


Boot self-test function with advanced self-diagnosis and self-repair function


Intrinsically safe instrument






2.2 Technical indicators


Detection gas: toxic gases such as flammable, oxygen or carbon monoxide


Detection range: (0-100% LEL) (combustible gas) Resolution: 1% LEL


          (0-1000ppm) (carbon monoxide) Resolution: 1ppm


          (0-100ppm) (hydrogen sulfide) Resolution: 1ppm


          (0-30%VOL) (Oxygen) Resolution 0.1% VOL


Alarm point: full range can be set, power on self-test prompt default size


Display error: ≤±5% F.S


Response time: T<30s


Display mode: high resolution dot matrix LCM screen, LED backlight, ultra low micro power consumption and long service life. All Chinese characters are displayed, and the display content is rich.


LED, sound, vibration indication alarm, fault and undervoltage


Working environment: temperature -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C;


Humidity <95% RH No condensation


Working voltage: DC3.7V


Charging time: 4h ~ 6h (common charging port and Android phone)


Working hours: ≮ 8h continuous;


Sensor life: 2 years


Protection level: IP65


Weight: approx. 130g (excluding portable accessories)


Appearance size: 62mm × 120mm × 54mm


Explosion-proof grade: ExiaIIBT3 Gb

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