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BAUER JUNIOR II portable air breathing apparatus compressor

BAUERPortableBreathingAirCompressorJUNIORIIProductDescription: NewtypicalBAUERcompressor JUNIORisourlargest-sellingportabledivingcompressor,andJUNIORIIisareplacement.Itssizeandexcellenttechnicalperfor
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BAUER Portable Breathing Air Compressor JUNIOR II Product Description:


New typical BAUER compressor


JUNIOR is our largest-selling portable diving compressor, and JUNIOR II is a replacement. Its size and excellent technical performance make it an ideal choice for divers. No longer rely on the inflatable station, you can still enjoy pure, safe air. JUNIOR II is a compact, portable compressor consisting of guaranteed, reliable and long-life components that represent the quality and safety of BAUER products. Its integrated design and many details, as well as outstanding performance and price ratio, make JUNIOR II the best choice for amateur divers.


BAUER portable breathing air compressor JUNIOR II features:


According to the breathing air standard - DIN EN 12021 (formerly DIN 3188). The patented TRIPLEX® filtration system guarantees you a pure breathing air.


The filtration system TRIPLEX®: P21-filter is an improvement. (a condensate drain outlet, improved filter bottom, shortened housing, standard safety valve)


Condensate drain: Manually drain the condensate through two drain valves in the P21 filter and an intermediate filter. Set the outlet to a relatively high position so that the condensate collection tank can be placed below.


All models: Flange the body in the length direction of the base, fix the hole to tighten the V-belt pulley and fix the engine, drive the engine through the V-belt, the radiator fins are plastic coated, and the adsorption telescope bracket is installed. There is also a plastic coating on the outside of the engine. The handle fixed on the base is made of elbow, which is convenient for pulling (one end is on the engine side and one end is on the radiator side), 4 rubber bases (rubber metal joint), according to German DIN 477 standard and international IS standard The two inflatable tube interfaces are international standard interfaces.


Other descriptions of BAUER portable breathing air compressor JUNIOR II:


(1) Delivery is subject to 225-bar-type or 330-bar-type, from 225 bar to 330 bar with surcharge

(2) Equipped with integrated adsorption telescope, Honda engine

(3) The gas tank is inflated between 0 and 200 bar, ± 5%

(4)  Inflation time refers to a gas tank of 0 to 200 bar

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