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Huarui MiniRAE Lite VOC detector PGM-7300

ProductName:HuaruiMiniRAELiteVOCTesterPGM-7300 Productintroduction: MiniRAELiteisasimplifiedbroad-spectrumhandheldvolatileorganiccompound(VOC)gasdetectorusingHuarui'snewthird-generationphotoionization
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Product Details

Product Name: Huarui MiniRAE Lite VOC Tester PGM-7300


Product introduction:


MiniRAE Lite is a simplified broad-spectrum handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) gas detector using Huarui's new third-generation photoionization detector (PID) with a detection range of 0.1 to 5000 ppm. Can be widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, industrial safety, environmental protection, emergency rescue, steel and other industries.

Huarui's performance of photoion technology

Short response time, wide detection range, high resolution, low detection error

Modular modular construction: modular components, quick replacement of sensors and batteries without any tools

Self-cleaning technology: The self-cleaning technology of the UV lamp keeps the energy of the lamp in a stable state.

Application of wireless technology in gas detection: built-in Bluetooth or wireless module for real-time data transmission

Built-in powerful sampling pump: can be connected to the sampling pipeline up to 30m, the detection data is as accurate as possible

Intelligent temperature and zero compensation algorithm: built-in temperature and humidity pressure sensor, automatic compensation to ensure the accuracy of detection

Friendly man-machine interface: large screen graphic LCD display, multi-language, support Chinese

Can detect thousands of gases: broad spectrum detection


Technical Parameters:


1, physical indicators

Size: 25.5 × 7.6 × 6.4 cm

Weight: 738g (with lithium battery)


2, basic performance

Sampling method: pumping

Shell material: engineering plastic, rubber jacket

Protection level: IP66, waterproof and dustproof

Anti-electromagnetic radiation: EMI/RF rating: EMC Directive 89/336/EEC

Ambient temperature: -20o C ~ 50o C

Ambient humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity (no condensation)


3, sensor parameters

Sensor type: PID sensor for 10.6eV UV lamp

Detection range: 0.1 ppm to 5000 ppm

Resolution: 0.1 ppm

Response time: (T90) 2s

Detection accuracy: ± 5% of the calibration point of 10-2000 ppm isobutylene

Correction factor: Built-in over 220 VOC gases


4, display and operation

Display: Large screen graphic LCD display with automatic backlight

Display language: Chinese / English + symbol

Display content: Real-time detection value, peak value, battery voltage

Button: 1 operation button, 2 function buttons, 1 light switch


5, alarm parameters

Alarm mode: 95dB buzzer, red LED

Alarm signal: Gas exceeds standard, battery voltage is insufficient, sensor is faulty

Alarm point setting: Set high/low alarm limit separately

Alarm Point Mode: Locked or Auto Reset


6, sampling pump

Pump method: built-in

Pump flow rate: 450 ~ 550cc / min


7, the power supply

Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery: 4.2V/3300mAH

Alkaline battery box: 4 AA batteries

Running time: can work continuously for 12 hours (depending on working environment and frequency of use)

Lithium battery charging time: 8 hours


8, calibration

Calibration method: Zero/Extended calibration


9, product configuration:


PGM-7300 main unit with sensor and UV lamp

Lithium battery, travel charger

Rubber protective cover

Intake pipe and water trap filter

Operating instructions

Data and software CD

Portable soft case

Product configuration:

Standard configuration

PGM-7300 main unit (including sensor and UV lamp lithium battery)

Charger/PC communication adapter

AC adapter

Alkaline battery adapter

Rubber protective cover

Intake sampling rod, intake pipe and water trap filter

user's Guide

Portable soft case

Data cable

PID cleaning kit


Optional accessories

100ppm isobutylene standard gas (34L) + flow meter

Hard carrying case


Application areas:


Petroleum petrochemical

Environmental protection

Emergency Rescue

Spray paint

Semiconductor manufacturing




aviation industry

chemical industry

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