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Japan's new universe XP-3140 high concentration (vol) combustible gas detector

Features: AutomaticsuctionLCDdigitalandpointerdisplayfordetectingflammablegasconcentrationsfrom0toLEL%LEL.Itcandetectnaturalgas,artificialgas,liquefiedgas,methane,hydrogen,helium,carbondioxide,argon,p
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Automatic suction LCD digital and pointer display for detecting flammable gas concentrations from 0 to LEL% LEL. It can detect natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied gas, methane, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, argon, propane, butane.


Product performance and parameters:


* Two kinds of density display modes: digital display, bar scale display.

* Small, lightweight (450g), power saving.

* Dry batteries and dedicated rechargeable batteries are available.

* Traffic abnormality self-test function.

* Has a data logging function.

* Direct reading of up to five gases (optional feature).

* Has a data download function (optional feature).

* For pipeline natural gas replacement.

* Pipe network leak detection for natural gas pipelines.

* Confirm the concentration of flammable gas in the tank or in the pipeline after the inert gas is replaced.

* Detect high concentration of combustible gas concentration leaks.

* It can detect the damage point of underground telephone cable with helium as the indicator gas.




Gas detection

Natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied gas
Methane, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, argon, propane, butane, etc.

Sampling method

Automatic attraction

Detection principle

Gas heat conduction

examination range


Indication accuracy

L range: ±10% of full scale
H range: ±5% of full scale

Alarm set value


Display method

1. LCD digital display: 0~100 vol%
2. Strip scale display: double range automatic transfer
L range: 0 to 10 vol% or 0 to 30 vol%
H range: 0 ~ 100vol%

Alarm mode

Gas alarm: buzzer sounds, red light flashes
Fault alarm: buzzer sounds, red light flashes, liquid crystal display

Explosion-proof mark

Ex ibd II BT3(Intrinsically safe + explosion-proof )

Operating temperature range


power supply

No. 5 alkaline dry battery 4 or special nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery

Continuous use time

When using alkaline dry battery: about 30 hours, use dedicated nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery: about 7 hours
(no alarm, no background lighting)




About 450g (excluding battery)

Standard accessories

Synthetic leather jacket, No. 5 alkaline dry battery, four sections, gas introduction hose (1m), filter tube, suction metal tube, rubber head for suction metal tube.


Extended gas inlet hose, gas mixer, data download kit (CD-ROM software + USB connector cable), dedicated nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery, charger


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