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Japanese New Universe XP-707II Hand-push High-sensitivity

Features: Itcandetectnaturalgasandpushitdirectlyontheroad.Itdoesnotneedtoopenholesontheroadsurface,whichgreatlyreducestheworkloadandimprovestheworkefficiencywhilereducingthecost. Productperformanceand
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It can detect natural gas and push it directly on the road. It does not need to open holes on the road surface, which greatly reduces the workload and improves the work efficiency while reducing the cost.


Product performance and parameters:


Improve the efficiency of leak detection and reduce the cost of inspection: directly push the test on the road surface, without opening the hole on the road surface, greatly reducing the workload, improving the work efficiency and reducing the cost;


Accurate positioning of leaking points: The use of hot-line type semiconductor sensors that are selective for natural gas can basically ensure that they are not affected by exhaust gases such as automobile exhaust and organic solvents;


Alarm tone tells the change of concentration: according to the change of the measured gas concentration, different alarm sounds such as intermittent sound and continuous sound;


There is a gas concentration display pointer: the pointer changes continuously with the gas concentration to determine the leak position.





Detect target gas

Natural gas

Test principle

Hot-wire type semiconductor

Test range

0~30ppm / 0~100ppm /0~10000ppm(Three ranges )

Alarm setting value

It can be set arbitrarily within the range of 5 to 100 ppm

Response speed

About 7 seconds (90% response)

Alarm repeatability

Within ±10% (800ppm standard air time)

Alarm indication

Gas alarm: As the concentration increases, the alarm gradually changes from intermittent sound to continuous sound
Control the switch and cut off the wire: the buzzer keeps beeping and the power light (LED) turns red
Battery voltage: When lower than the standard value, the buzzer will continue to beep and the power light will be off.

Power supply

DC6V(4 No. 1 dry batteries )

Battery life

About 7 hours (manganese dry battery)

Operating temperature range


Storage temperature

-10℃~+50℃(Remove the battery when you store it for a long time. )

Size and weight

W245×H1125×D435(mm),about 4.9kg


10 sheets of grade 1 filter paper, 1 sampling pad

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