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Honeywell ImpulseXP Single Gas Detector

ProductName:HoneywellImpulseXPSingleGasDetector ProductDescription: HoneywellImpulseXPSingleGasDetectorisfullyfeatured,userconfigurable,andcosteffective,whichcanbeusedfordetectionofawiderangeofgases.N
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Product Details

Product Name: Honeywell ImpulseXP Single Gas Detector


Product Description:


Honeywell ImpulseXP Single Gas Detector is fully featured, user configurable, and cost effective, which can be used for detection of a wide range of gases. Nowadays, for the new generation of gas detectors, the market not only requires its lightness and appearance.

Honeywell ImpulseXP Single Gas Detector is compact and rugged, and easy to maintain, while providing easy operation, which are the basic features. With big volume and super bright audiovisual alarm, XP will draw more attention when it detects gas. A built-in vibration alarm is provided as a standard accessory for noise environments.

Honeywell ImpulseXP Single Gas Detector has all of the above features while ensuring reliable, accurate readings and no false positives from radio frequency interference (RFI). Besides, XP also provides continuous gas readings, TWA/STEL and two transient alarms with peak holding device execution. By using SureCell sensors with TempraSURE thermal shock correction and Reflex sensor protection, Honeywell ImpulseXP Single Gas Detector ensures improved accuracy and reliability in adverse operating conditions.


Technical Parameters:

Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ +50 ° C

Humidity: 5% to 95% RH

Alarm: sound, light, vibration alarm, decibel value: 10 cm 95 decibels.

Display: High-definition backlit LCD showing gas concentration and operating status.

Sensor: Reflex* replaceable electrochemical sensor

Self-diagnosis: System check: battery level, display, sensor, software settings

IP Grade: IP65 intrinsically safe

North America: Class1Div1GroupsABCDT4 (UL/cUL)


RF protection: CEEN50270:1999 and EN55011

Size: 93 (height) × 50 (width) × 27 (thickness) mm

Weight: poison gas: 81.5g; oxygen: 93.0g


Product Features:

1. Strong and durable housing;

2. Small size and light weight;

3. Solid, impact resistance, weatherproof;

4. Including safety clips and lanyards or optional alligator clips;

5. Easy to use, ready to use 

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