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304 stainless steel wall-mounted eye wash device NA6640

304stainlesssteelwall-mountedeyewashdeviceNA6640mainfeatures: Thewall-mountedeyewasherhasonlythesafetyeye-washingeffect,andtheeye-washingdevicewithoutsprayeffectisdirectlyinstalledonthewalloftheworksi
Product Details

304 stainless steel wall-mounted eye wash device NA6640 main features:


The wall-mounted eye washer has only the safety eye-washing effect, and the eye-washing device without spray effect is directly installed on the wall of the work site. When the user's eyes, face, neck or arm are exposed to chemical substances, the eyewash system of the wall-mounted eye washer is selected for large-volume flushing. Has good oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt solution and other properties.


Easy to operate, high strength and firm structure.


The eye wash device is equipped with a wash basin, a blind eye, and the like.

It can be equipped with anti-freeze emptying device, suitable for use in cold regions of the north.

Suitable for use in areas where the weather temperature is above 0°C,

This product is equipped with high-performance pedals, linked by hands and feet, and the operation is more convenient and quick!


304 stainless steel wall-mounted eye wash device NA6640 main application:


Widely used in nuclear energy, power stations, pharmaceuticals, medical, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, metallurgy, smelting, printing, printing and dyeing, education and research units, etc.


304 stainless steel wall-mounted eye wash device NA6640 technical parameters:


Main material: It is divided into 304 stainless steel material and can be coated with ABS.

Working pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa

Inlet size: 1/2 inch, NPT

Outlet size: 1 inch NPT

Eye wash nozzle water output: >12L/min

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