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NAF-01 high temperature insulation suit split (500 ° C)

productdescriptionSplitlaborinsurance(500degrees)NAF-01 IntroductionThecompositematerialoffiberfabricandaluminizedfilmshouldbemadeataradiationtemperatureof500degrees.Thegarmentsincludetops,trousers,gl
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Split labor insurance (500 degrees) NAF-01


The composite material of fiber fabric and aluminized film should be made at a radiation temperature of 500 degrees. The garments include tops, trousers, gloves, hoods and feet, and do not contain asbestos. It has double lightness, high strength, flame retardant, high temperature resistance and resistance. The advantages of heat radiation, wear resistance, folding resistance and non-toxicity to the human body can effectively protect firefighters and high-temperature workers from being burnt by flames and high temperatures. It can effectively guarantee the inspection of the fire brigade equipment quality supervision and inspection center, and meet the requirements of GA88 "fire-insulated performance requirements and test methods".
Mainly used as a protective radiant heat oil, gas fire and high temperature industry, wearing protective clothing when working. Its fabric is made up of high-reflectivity industrial aluminum foil and flame retardant materials, with good flame retardant and thermal insulation properties. Due to the use of special composite materials and composite technology, the peel strength of the fabric is very superior.


Aluminum foil composite flame retardant fabric


500 degrees


Insulated helmet, top, bottom, gloves, foot protection


S, M, L, XL (fully customized according to requirements)


Split type (the whole set includes tops, pants, hood, gloves, feet)


It has good high temperature resistance and radiant heat resistance. It is sewn with KEVLAR® fireproof wire. It can reflect 95% of heat and protect the human body from the damage caused by high temperature liquid splash. It is comfortable and convenient to wear.


Heat resistance
A fire can be a temperature that rises to 600 degrees in a few minutes. Even in a room with direct fire, the temperature is about 300 degrees, and the high temperature of the plastic can be melted enough to kill people. Thermal protective clothing is mainly used for high temperature operation, and must maintain its own physical properties at high temperatures without shrinkage, melting and brittle carbonization.

2. Flame retardant properties
Flame retardancy means that the fabric is flame retardant or incombustible when it encounters a special high temperature or flame; when the fabric is on fire, it can suppress the spread of combustion, and once the fire source is evacuated, it can be extinguished immediately. In the fire, the most serious burns often occur in people's clothing, so the flame retardant performance of thermal protective clothing is very important. In the use of thermal protective clothing, generally one side of the fabric to meet the flame, such as fire-fighting uniforms, in the operation of firefighters entering and leaving the fire, to a large extent, the outside of the fire-fighting suit directly contacts the flame, while the inside is rarely Contact with the flame, which requires the thermal protective fabric to withstand the flame from one side to the other side of the performance, so also consider the fabric's flame-through performance.

3. Thermal insulation
In the actual use of thermal protective clothing, most users do not directly contact the flame, but the external heat is transmitted to the human body in the form of heat convection, heat radiation, and heat conduction, causing harm to the human body. Thermal protective clothing must have good performance in mitigating and preventing heat transfer, avoiding damage to the human body caused by heat sources, and providing good safety protection for users of thermal protective clothing working in high temperature environments. The thermal insulation of thermal protective clothing is not only related to the thermal conductivity of thermal protective clothing fiber materials, but also to the design of clothing and apparel fabrics. There is a great relationship between the structure of materials and linings.

4. Wearing comfort
In addition to thermal protection, thermal protective clothing must also have good wearing comfort, such as a certain tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance. Dyeing firmness and washability, should also have a certain heat and moisture transfer capacity, in order to facilitate the body's heat loss and sweat evaporation, with a lower physiological load. In addition, protective clothing also requires light weight, easy to wear, loose structure, running, There are no restrictions on the movements such as climbing and jumping. It is not easy to cause hooking. Strengthening measures are taken in areas that are prone to injury, meeting the requirements of coordination and comfort, and improving work efficiency.


1. Wear insulated clothing.
2. Put on the button on the bottom button and adjust the strap.
3. Put on the insulation feet.
4, then wear an air respirator, wear a jacket, wear a thermal helmet.


It is suitable for use in fireworks with strong radiant heat such as steel manufacturing, glass kiln, metallurgy and forging industry.


1. This equipment must be used at the same time as the air breathing apparatus (land type does not require air breathing apparatus).
2, aluminum platinum damage and fall off is strictly prohibited.
3, each component fastener must be firmly attached.
Inspection and maintenance once a week to check whether aluminum or platinum is damaged

General faults and troubleshooting

The hook is damaged. Exclusion: Replace


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