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RFH02-ND heavy chemical protective clothing / fully enclosed chemical protective clothing

FullyenclosedheavyprotectiveclothingRFH02-NDintroduction Fullyenclosedheavy-dutyprotectiveclothingisusedbyfirefighterstoenterchemicaldangerousgoodsorcorrosiveitemsatfireoraccidentsites,aswellastoxic,h
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Fully enclosed heavy protective clothing RFH02-ND introduction


Fully enclosed heavy-duty protective clothing is used by firefighters to enter chemical dangerous goods or corrosive items at fire or accident sites, as well as toxic, harmful gases or accident sites, to find fire sources or accident points, to rescue victims, to carry out fire rescue and rescue operations. Protective clothing. It is also a necessary protective item for dangerous goods handling at all levels of chemical companies and environmental protection departments.


Fully enclosed heavy protective clothing RFH02-ND use method


Although wearing a chemical protective suit requires the help of a wearer (a person who helps the wearer), the wearing process is quite simple.


1. The wearer helps the wearer to carry the breathing apparatus and connect the air supply valve to the mask according to the instructions of the breathing apparatus instruction manual and activate the breathing apparatus.

2. Adjust the respirator to the most comfortable state by adjusting the strap of the breathing apparatus.

3. A heavy-duty airtight zipper with a length of about 128cm extends from one side of the chemical protective suit down to the lower leg, then presses the zipper with one hand to keep it straight, while the other pulls the zipper. Pull the zipper apart, pulling about 61cm each time, only to pull the zipper completely apart, and then fold the chemical protective suit down to expose the top of the anti-chemical boot.

4. The wearer first wears the anti-chemical boots, then pulls the chemical protective suit up, puts the arm into the sleeve, and brings the hood, brings the mask with the help of the wearer, and fixes the head strap of the head. it is good.

5. The wearer pulls the zipper as required by step (3).

6. There is a tower edge outside the heavy-duty airtight zipper. When the zipper is pulled, the tower edge is closed, which protects the zipper and prolongs the service life.


Fully enclosed heavy duty protective clothing RFH02-ND weld structure:


1. The front placket adopts a 48-inch airtight zipper with a double-layer magic buckle placket

2. The surface screen is coated with a 10 mil thick Teflon anti-chemical coating on a 40 mil thick PVC soft surface screen.

3. Hand protection with high chemical resistance butyl rubber gloves

4. The foot is an integrated anti-chemical socks and boots 襟

5. There are 2 independent exhaust valves on the back, and the clothes are equipped with additional belts for more action.


Fully enclosed heavy duty protective clothing RFH02-ND storage maintenance work

Immediately after anti-chemical treatment, it should be washed off with a mild decontaminant to remove residuals of contaminants, then rinse off with water and hang in a cool, ventilated place to dry naturally.

Chemical protective clothing should not be folded and stacked, and should be hung in a clean and dry place to avoid exposure to sunlight, toxic gases, corrosive media, etc.

The inner and outer surfaces of the chemical protective clothing should be coated with talcum powder, and a silicone grease should be applied to the sealed zipper to prevent adhesion, aging and ensure the service life.

The chemical storage suits are stored under anti-aging conditions for a period of three years.

Chemical protective clothing should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safe use and function.

Preparation for RFH02-ND fire-fighting chemical protective clothing before use

Use suitable protective and air supply devices according to the protective media.

According to the user's height and the size of the hands and feet, select suitable protective boots and protective gloves, and install them on the protective clothing to clamp and seal.

Check that the connections are correct, that the seal is reliable, and that the clothing and lenses are aging, discolored or damaged.

Check that the air supply unit is normal and check it according to the terms and conditions specified in the instruction manual of the supplied air supply unit.

Precautions for use of fully enclosed heavy duty protective clothing RFH02-ND

When used with a portable air respirator, the user should immediately evacuate the scene when the respirator emits a residual air alarm.

When used with an air respirator, special personnel should be placed at the parking device to observe the changes in the high and medium pressure gauges at all times, and keep in touch with the personnel working on the site. When an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the gas supply to the breathing device, it should be notified immediately. The personnel on site were evacuated from the scene.

If the user feels that the breathing is not smooth, the body is unwell, or the gas pipeline is torn, stuck, or the chemical suit is broken, the following scenes should be evacuated immediately. If a fire accident occurs on site, it should be evacuated immediately after the initial fire is extinguished.

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