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Pressure tank type eye wash device NA-0628

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product description

1, function: wash your eyes

2, material: tank corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. Hand-held eye wash

3. Working pressure: 0.20.4MPA.

4. Flow: eye wash: ≥1.5L/min

5. Applicable conditions: domestic water at room temperature.

6, the implementation of standards: in accordance with the Bohua enterprise standards

Basic technical parameters

1. Tank specification: diameter 220, height 750 (unit: m)

2, the tank body withstand pressure: 1.0Pa3

3. Total capacity: 28L

4, the use of capacity

working principle

1. The water outlet pipe is inserted into the bottom of the pressure tank, adding about 2L of water, the upper space is filled with pressure air, the pressure is 0.20.4Pa. When using, press the hand-held eye wash handle switch, the internal pressure will squeeze the water out.


1, add water

(1) There is no air pressure when adding water

(2) Pressing the hand-held eyewash handle switch

(3) Open the tank inlet water ball valve, insert the water source inlet pipe, and connect the water source, which is convenient and quick.

(4) Add water capacity to about 22L, unplug the water source, turn off the hand-held eyewash handle switch, and tighten the tank inlet ball valve.

2, Qiqi

(1) Check that all interfaces must be in the off state.

(2) Insert the gas source, when the pressure reaches 0.20.4MPa, unplug the gas source and it can be used normally.

3. Use: Press the hand-held eyewash handle switch by hand to clean the tap water from the eye wash system (automatically open the dust cover). After cleaning the eyes, the handle switch should be closed and the dust cover should be reset.

4, cleaning: open the bottom drain ball valve, rinse with water, until the tank body no dirt water can flow out, clean and hygienic.

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