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Anti-bee suit

TheNAFF-01anti-beesuitisaprotectivesuitwornbyfirefighters,beekeepersandspecialstaffduringworkandremovalofyellowhoneycomb.Themaskiswiremeshandhasgoodprotection.Let'stakeabrieflookatwhatfeaturesithas. 1
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The NAFF-01 anti-bee suit is a protective suit worn by firefighters, beekeepers and special staff during work and removal of yellow honeycomb. The mask is wire mesh and has good protection. Let's take a brief look at what features it has.


1, the face is breathable, comfortable to wear, suitable for anti-bite, anti-bee, waterproof and so on.

2, the face is breathable, comfortable to wear, suitable for anti-bite, anti-bee, waterproof and so on.

3. The anti-bee mask is made of polycarbonate, which has good protective performance and fire-fighting clothing.

4. It is used for firefighters, beekeepers and special workers to wear a protective suit when working and removing yellow honeycombs. It has two structures, conjoined and split, and has various protection functions such as cut-proof and puncture-proof.

Anti-bee service NAFF-01 material: PVC composite cloth

Anti-bee suit NAFF-01 style: one-piece, mask is wire mesh

Anti-Bee Service NAFF-01 Product Description: Anti-bee service is made of double-coated anti-corrosion high-strength brocade silk cloth as the base material to make the whole body structure. It is equipped with a unique anti-bee mask for use with rubber gloves and fire helmets.

Anti-bee service NAFF-01 Product use: The product is mainly used to remove protective clothing worn by operators when various types of honeycombs are excluded.

Anti-bee service NAFF-01 implementation standard: «Provisional technical conditions for anti-bee service»

Anti-bee service NAFF-01 Features: It can effectively protect the operator from bee damage, and the clothing is light, and its anti-bee mask is unique in structure and easy to operate. It can be used all over the country all year round.

Anti-bee service NAFF-01 color: yellow, red.

Anti-bee service NAFF-01 size: clothes are divided into four types: S, M, L, XL.

Tips: If you want to know more anti-bee products and specific prices, you can contact our sales staff to answer your questions in detail through the consultation button on the page!

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