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NABF-01 split fire escape suit

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Product Details

Scope of application

Applicable to firefighters to participate in firefighting and firefighting, factories and mines to participate in firefighters to wear, can also be used as high-temperature operations and fire-fighting personnel to escape.


It consists of insulated tops, pants, hoods, gloves and shoe covers.

Material selection

It is made of high-strength and high-heat-resistant aluminum foil composite cloth and flame-retardant lining, and is made by sewing with DuPont's flame-retardant thread.

Main technical indicators of split fire and fire protection suit NABF-01:

1. Flame-retardant performance: The heat-resistant temperature of this type of heat-insulating suit is ≥1200°C, the damage length should be no more than 100mm when burning; the burning time is less than 2S; the flame-retardant time is not more than 5s.

2, tear strength: its warp and weft tear strength are not greater than 27.8N.

3. Breaking strength: its warp and weft breaking strength are not less than 391.5N.

4, anti-radiation heat penetration performance: under 10kw / m2 radiant heat source, after 30s irradiation, the inner surface temperature should be no more than 25 ° C; reflectance of thermal radiation > 80%; heat flow blocking rate of > 2%.

5, water resistance: its hydrostatic pressure is not less than 3000Pa.

6. Insulation joint seam breaking strength: the seam breaking strength is not less than 348N. (Note: The above 1-6 technical indicators are all GB88-94 of the Ministry of Public Security)

Wearing and using

1, size selection: height 1.7 meters above the use of extra large (XL); height 1.65 meters above the size of the large (L); 1.65 meters below the medium (M). It can also be specially made.

2. Wear the trousers first, and then adjust the adjustment ring on the trousers strap according to your height.

3, put on the top, put on the front of the velcro buckle, and then press the upper, lower, left and right metal button.

4, when wearing a foot cover, must be placed in the trousers mouth, with the fire star falling into the foot cover.

5. When wearing a hat, be sure to adjust the safety headband and make the eyes in the center of the lens field of view.

6. Finally put on the gloves, put the jacket cuffs on the outside of the gloves, and press the metal snaps to show that the dress is complete.


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