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NABF-02 one-piece fire escape suit

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Product Details

Fabric composition

Fireproof aluminum foil, Kevlar thick fireproof cloth, thick carbon fiber insulation felt, alkali-free glass fiber cloth, Kevlar insulation felt, cotton comfort fabric

Complete set of protective equipment

Integrated protective clothing, gold-plated eye-protection screen (effective view width 19CM, height 9CM), three-finger gloves, insulated fire-resistant boots (slip, heat, wear, insulation)

Executive standard


Fire-fighting fire service NABF-02 product features:

1. It is made of multi-layer fireproof material, with high efficiency fireproof and heat insulation, effectively resists the penetration of heat and high temperature radiation of flame; can directly contact the flame, the maximum temperature of contact object is 1000OC, heat radiation resistance temperature ≥1300OC; back strap Respirator rucksack design.

2, the front open design, long fire zipper, double head for quick closure and opening.

3, fire rubber outsole, wearers can wear fire boots directly into, without restrictions.

4, the whole set of carrying bags that can be carried by themselves, super convenient, can rush to the scene of the fire to rescue.


Fire emergency personnel in chemical plants, refineries, airports, fire brigades, forest first aid, etc.


One set, two sets, one case


1. Fire-fighting fire-fighting clothing is a kind of protective clothing worn by firefighters in short-term crossing fire zones or short-term into the flame zone to save people, rescue valuable materials, and close flammable gas valves. Firefighters must be protected by water guns and water cannons during long-term fire fighting operations. Please remember that no matter how good the materials will burn out in the flame, the clothing is not an unlimited fire protection.

2, the garment must be carefully checked for damage before use, such as damage is strictly prohibited.

3. This clothing is strictly forbidden in places with chemical and radioactive injuries.

4. The use of this garment must be equipped with air breathing apparatus and communication equipment to ensure the normal breathing of the personnel under high temperature conditions and the contact with the off-site commander.

5, after use, the surface of the clothing, smoke, smoked traces can be wiped with cotton yarn, other dirt can be brushed with a soft brush, neutral detergent, and washed with water, it is strictly prohibited to soak or slammed with water, washed in a ventilated place, naturally Dry for later use.

6, fire-fighting clothing should be stored in a dry and ventilated, no chemical pollution, and often check to prevent mildew.


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