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Direct access fire protection special fire service

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Firefighters' fire-protection suits are full-body protective clothing worn by firefighters when they enter the flame zone for a short period of time to extinguish or close the valve. Its protective performance is designed strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security. It complies with the technical standards of Q/02MKF002-2005 "Fire and Fire Shelter" and can provide third-party test reports. The garment is mainly composed of 7 layers of double-layer heat-insulating high silica glass fiber (fire resistance limit 1700 degrees), refractory fiber cloth, refractory carbon fiber felt, heat insulation fireproof layer, heat insulation layer and comfort layer, which has good fire resistance and separation. Thermal performance.


First, the structural characteristics


1. Structure: split built-in respirator

2. The complete set of fire-fighting suits includes tops, trousers, hoods (with gold-plated windows), gloves and fire-fighting boots (including heat-insulating shoes, and a design patent certificate).


Second, technical characteristics


1. Main performance:

※ Fireproof, heat insulation, can instantly contact the flame through the fire zone.

※ It can withstand flame temperature of 1000 °C and the fire resistance is 1700 °C.


2. Main parameters:


※ Flame retardant performance of outer layer material: damage length ≤ 2cm, continuous burning time ≤ 1s, smoldering time ≤ 2s.

※ The outer layer material tear strength: ≥ 32N.

※ Radiation heat penetration resistance of composite materials: 2min under radiant heat source of 13.6KW/m2, the inner surface temperature rise is ≤25°C.

※ Flame resistance of composite materials: It burns for 30s on a flame of 1000°C, and its internal surface temperature rises ≤25°C.

※ Overall heat resistance of the garment: The human body model is dressed in a simulated fire temperature of 1000 ° C, and its internal surface temperature rises ≤ 13 ° C after 30 s.


Three specifications size, weight


1. Specifications (Note: Special specifications are agreed between the supplier and the buyer)

Clothing number specification reference height (cm)

Large L175-180

Medium M170-175

Small S165-170

2. Weight: The weight of the whole set of fire-proof clothing is ≤15kg.


Fourth, use


1. Preparation and inspection before use

The whole set of fire-fighting suits consists of tops, bottoms (or tops and bottoms), hoods, gloves, and fire-proof shoes. It should be used as a whole. Before use, the integrity of the whole set of clothing should be checked, and the performance requirements should not be rigorously entered into the job site. The inspection contents include:


※ Whether the surface of the garment is damaged or broken;

※ Whether the accessories of the various parts of the clothing are in place, firm and reliable;

※ Whether the zipper and button are smooth and flexible, whether the trousers strap is elastic or not, and whether the shackle is intact and reliable;

※ The gold-plated picture of the hood is clear.


3. Precautions for use


※ The entry site must be fully equipped and fully worn. The parts of the sealing part must be fastened to ensure a good seal.

※ Firefighters should be proficient in the operation of the equipment and use it correctly. Such as: wearing, using, etc. of air breathing apparatus.

※ Put the insulated shoes into the fire-proof shoes before use, and then put the legs and legs in the fire-resistant shoes.

※ Put on the trousers and fire-proof shoes, fasten the straps and tighten the belts.

※ Resist the respirator, put on the top, tighten the fireproof cord and fasten the rope, then align the front door of the top with the glue, and cover the overlapping parts tightly to secure the buckle.

※ Put on the fire hood, fasten the helmet strap, and pass the hood over the armpit to adjust the tightness to fasten the button so that the fire hood will not fall off due to wearing activities.

※ Put on gloves, put gloves on the sleeves, and fasten the cuffs.


Fifth, maintenance


If the fire-proof suit is used, it should be scrubbed. If it is dirty, use a soft brush to wash the neutral detergent. Brush the surface to remove dirt. Rinse off with water and hang it in a well-ventilated place. Do not soak and slam with water. Do not bake when dry.


Sixth, storage


1. The package of the fire-fighting suit is a bag-type package, and each set of clothing is packaged. Do not open the package for exposure, and store it in the original container in the original condition on the shelf 20cm above the ground to prevent moisture and dirt.

2. The fire-fighting suit should be stored in the warehouse. According to the situation of the warehouse, it should be regularly ventilated and smashed. If necessary, it should be air-dried to prevent mildew and insects due to moisture.

3. Every three months should be checked once to see if the garment is damaged due to storage reasons.

4. The clothing should avoid contact with hard and sharp materials during storage and priming to prevent scratch damage.

5. Storage period: three years.


※Special warning ※


1. Fire-fighting fire-fighting suit is a kind of protective clothing worn by firefighters when they enter the fire field for emergency rescue, rescue, closing of valves and other fire-fighting operations. In the case of long time, they must be protected by water guns and water cannons. Please don't care how good the material will burn in the flame, the clothing is not an unlimited fire protection!

2. Firefighters wearing this costume must be qualified to perform simulated fire drills!

3. The use of this clothing must be equipped with air breathing apparatus and communication devices to ensure that normal breathing under high temperature conditions, as well as contact with outsiders!

4. Do not wear in special environments such as chemical dangerous goods, poisonous gas viruses, nuclear radiation, etc.!

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