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2002 fire fighting suit

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Style: split type (top, bottom pants).

Specifications: S, M, L

Uses: It is the protective clothing worn by firefighters to protect themselves during the fire fighting in the fire.

Material combination: imported flame retardant fabric, waterproof and breathable layer, heat insulation layer, comfort layer, using DuPont reflective tape.

Features: good thermal insulation performance, good flame retardant performance, flexible, lightweight, flame retardant, heat-insulating, waterproof, reflective, moisture-permeable, and comfortable. It is a new type of battle suit that is in line with international standards.

Main technical parameters of 2002 type fire fighting suit  

1. Flame retardant performance: damage length ≤ 100mm, continuous burning time ≤ 2S

2. Fracture ≥ 650N, tearing strength ≥ 100N, seam breaking strength ≥ 650N

3. Anti-hydrostatic performance: hydrostatic pressure ≥17000Pa

4. Moisture resistance: the level of water is not less than 3

5. Through steam performance: steam permeability ≥5000g/m224h

6. Thermal stability: After 180 °C ± 5 °C test, the dimensional change rate in the warp and weft directions is not more than 5%, and the surface has no obvious change.

7. Overall protection performance: thermal protection capacity TPP value is not less than 28cal/cm2

8. Clothing weight: ≤ 3.5kg

2002 type fire fighting suit structure form  

1. The protective clothing is made of a multi-layer fabric such as a flame-retardant outer layer, a waterproof and breathable layer, a heat insulating layer and a comfort layer.

2. The protective suit is a split type, consisting of a top and a pair of trousers. The color is blue and has a distinctive reflective marking tape.

This product complies with ZGZ-ZPJY-001:2009 "Fireman's Fire Extinguishing Protective Clothing Mandatory Batch Inspection Rules" and GA10-2002 "Fireman Fire Fighting Protective Clothing" standard.


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