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2017 new standard 3C fire service 14 fire service 3C certification fire service

The3Cfire-fightingsuitiscomposedofanouterlayer,awaterprooflayer,aheat-insulatinglayerandacomfortlayerfabric,andthefour-layerfabrichasmultipleprotections. Outerfabric:14fire-fightingsuitsaremadeofarami
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The 3C fire-fighting suit is composed of an outer layer, a waterproof layer, a heat-insulating layer and a comfort layer fabric, and the four-layer fabric has multiple protections.


Outer fabric: 14 fire-fighting suits are made of aramid flame-retardant fabric, no melt dripping phenomenon, strong tear resistance, and the outer layer shrinks at 1% after treatment at 260 °C for 5 minutes. The 2017 fire suit is used. Made of 50% aramid/50% flame retardant viscose blended fabric, it is permanently flame retardant and can be repeatedly washed.


Waterproof layer fabric: moisture resistance level 4, the overall joint fracture strength of the garment is 967.2N in radial direction and 910.5N in weft direction.


Insulation fabric: Aramid water felt. Clothing insulation TPP value of 35cal / cm2. Protective clothing has good insulation and cold resistance. After the insulation layer is washed for not less than 25 times, the length is 46 mm and the after-burning time is 0 s. There is no melting or dripping phenomenon; the thermal stability can be tested by the thermal stability test at 260 °C ± 5 °C, and the dimensional change rate in the warp and weft directions is 1%.

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