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Fire command uniform

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The whole set of garments complies with the provisions of GA10-2002 "Firefighter's Fire-fighting Protective Clothing". The specifications can be customized according to the fire commander's body. The appearance logo can be determined according to user needs.


Product parameters


1. Outer fabric: made of para-aramid and meta-aramid blend, the meta-aramid is not less than 90%, the para-aramid is not less than 8%, and the antistatic fiber is not less than 2%. Melting, dripping phenomenon, the outer layer is treated at a temperature of 260 ° C for 5 minutes, the shrinkage is 1%; the moisture resistance is 3, the outer radial breaking strength is 1063.6N, the latitudinal breaking strength is 939.8N, and the radial tearing strength is 212.3. N, the latitudinal tearing strength is 171.1N, and the overall joint fracture strength of the garment is 1022.2N in radial direction and 718.1N in weft direction.

2. Waterproof and breathable layer: made of high quality aramid base film coated with PTFE. It has good waterproof and breathable properties. After washing 25 times, it can reach oil level 3, and the water vapor transmission rate (g/m2.24h) is ≥9000.

3. Insulation layer: It is aramid water-spun felt material. Clothing thermal protection TPP value of 30.5cal / cm2. Protective clothing has good insulation, cold performance. After the insulation layer is not less than 25 times of water washing, the length of damage is 35mm, and the afterburning time is 0S. There is no melting or dripping phenomenon; after the thermal stability test by 260 °C ± 5 °C, the dimensional change rate in the warp and weft directions is 1%.

4. Comfort layer: 50% aramid and 50% flame retardant viscose blended material.

5. Reflective tape: use the US 3M company 9587 reflective marking tape, the sun fastness is greater than 5 levels.

6. The garment is designed to be non-detachable and integrated. The main stitches such as reflective marking tape, swing stitching, sleeve stitching and sleeve sewing are double stitches, and aramid high temperature resistant wire is used. The elastic band uses a strong elastic band. All hardware has no spots, nodules or sharp edges, and is treated with anti-corrosion treatment to maintain the original function after high temperature test.

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