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DW-NA-02 built-in empty liquid nitrogen protective clothing

DW-NA-02built-inemptyliquidnitrogenprotectiveclothing DW-NA-02built-inemptybreathliquidnitrogenprotectiveclothingismadeofmulti-layercompositematerialandprocessedthroughpreciseproductionprocess.Uniquem
Product Details

DW-NA-02 built-in empty liquid nitrogen protective clothing


DW-NA-02 built-in empty breath liquid nitrogen protective clothing is made of multi-layer composite material and processed through precise production process. Unique materials and exquisite workmanship. Low-temperature hood products should be stored in a low-temperature hood, which should be stored in a place where ventilation, mildew, mites, and dryness are required. Avoid storage with acids, alkalis, oils, and corrosive materials. It can be stored for a long time under normal storage conditions. The hood is used in this place. This product is only suitable for liquid nitrogen air and environment, freezer storage, and freezer low temperature work place. It is suitable for people who work in extremely cold environments, with soft touch, high flexibility and strong touch. Effective defense - low temperature from 100 ° C to -270 ° C. Working under low temperature for a long time, the product has no hardening or deterioration.


Product parameters

Color: royal blue

Design: professional, unique, human, practical, beautiful

Implementation standards: EN14058:2004, EN342:2004, EN1149:2008


Product Features:


Excellent thermal damage (frozen, burn) protection;

Advantage of water resistance (splash);

Stable antistatic performance;

Comfortable to wear and breathable;

Protect against low temperature gas such as liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia, and dry ice.


1. Lightweight, free to move after wearing.

2. Easy to clean, easy to clean the jacket or liner.

3. Size can be divided into SS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL for all types of people to wear.

4. Can effectively prevent -100 ° C to -270 ° C ambient temperature.


Application Environment:

Liquid nitrogen air and environment;

Freezer, freezer compartment;

Low temperature grinding;

Low temperature clean room of 1000 or above.


Product storage requirements


1. Liquid nitrogen protective clothing should be stored in a place that is ventilated, mildewproof, mites-proof, and dry.

2. Avoid putting together with acids, alkalis, oils and corrosives.

3. Under normal storage conditions, it can be stored for a long time.




1. Suitable for resisting extreme cold, the applicable temperature range is -100 ° C to -270 ° C;

2. Can be used in 1000 class clean rooms or clean rooms;

3. The material consists of three layers: two of which are thin layers of insulating material with their edges bonded together, thus trapping a large amount of insulating air without adding extra weight or volume;

4. The inner layer material has high heat preservation property, so that it can carry away moisture by capillary action;

5. Very low temperature protective clothing is multi-layer insulation design, comfortable to wear and very warm;

6. Low temperature resistance is very light, soft, durable, clean, extremely flexible, and does not feel heavy when worn;

7. Wearing nitrogen in a liquid nitrogen dewar directly under operation;

8. It should be stored in ventilation, mildewproof and dry after use;

9. Avoid putting together with acids, alkalis, oils and corrosives.

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