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New aramid 1313 aluminum plated high temperature anti-dressing

Product Details


Aluminum foil fireproof cloth and comfort layer



Box gauge

5 pieces / box




Has good high temperature resistance, radiant heat resistance, can reflect 95% of heat


Suitable for electrolytic aluminum, glass, casting, metallurgy and other industries to prevent aluminum water, steel flower, molten iron splashing and high temperature radiation occasions


Material Description:


It adopts the new 100% aramid 1313 aluminum-plated fabric, which is soft, light, high temperature and wear resistant. The fabric is made of hot-dip aluminizing process, which has good delamination fastness and softness. It is the life of traditional composite aluminum foil anti-wearing. 3-5 times.


Main performance indicators:


1. Radiation reflectivity: can reflect more than 95% of radiant heat;

2. Flame retardant performance: damage length ≤ 1cm, continuous burning time ≤ 1s, smoldering time ≤ 2s;

3. Radiation protection heat 1000 ° C.




1. Although it has excellent high temperature and heat insulation performance, it can not protect people under all conditions and can not directly contact with flame!

2. Carefully check for damage before use. If it is forbidden to work!




1. After use, use a soft brush and a neutral detergent solution to scrub the surface residue. Do not soak and slam the water. After washing, it should be hung in a ventilated place and naturally dry.

2. Store in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture and mildew.

Application industry: Suitable for electrolytic aluminum, glass, foundry, metallurgy and other industries to prevent aluminum water, steel flower hot metal splashing and high temperature radiation occasions.

Size length: 100cm, 110cm, 120cm

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