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DW-NA-03 low temperature apron

MainfeaturesoflowtemperatureapronDW-NA-03 1,superiorthermaldamage(frozen,scald)protection2,waterproof,comfortabletowear,lightweight,superiorbreathability3,heatpreservationandabdomen,legsplashprotectio
Product Details

Main features of low temperature apron DW-NA-03


1, superior thermal damage (frozen, scald) protection

2, waterproof, comfortable to wear, light weight, superior breathability

3, heat preservation and abdomen, leg splash protection

4, neck and waist adjustment belt

5. The side buckle can be used to quickly open the apron.


The low temperature apron DW-NA-03 products are used in: cold room, refrigerator operation, refrigerant handling and filling, refrigerant liquid leakage reaction, etc.


Use environment: refrigerant storage facilities, refrigerant liquid production equipment, clinical medicine laboratories, biomedicine, blood banks, food freezing processes, pharmaceuticals and other places.


1. The inner layer material has high heat preservation property, so that it can carry away moisture by capillary action;

2, is a multi-layer insulation gloves, comfortable to wear and very warm;

3, very light, soft, durable, clean, suitable for machine washing or dry cleaning, extremely flexible, will not feel heavy when worn;

4. Wearing liquid nitrogen protective apron can directly obtain nitrogen from liquid nitrogen containers such as liquid nitrogen dewar and liquid nitrogen tank;

5, widely used in the world, suitable for low temperature gas, low temperature refrigeration, dry ice, cold room, etc.;

6. Used in biomedical, laboratory research, industrial, frozen food processing and any other place where extreme cold is prevented.

7, anti-liquid nitrogen gloves can not be immersed in low temperature liquid, even industrial quality anti-liquid nitrogen gloves have limited wear resistance.


The liquid-proof nitrogen apron provides you with a high level of thermal protection, using world-leading processing technology and advanced materials. The waterproof nylon surface allows you to work safely in cold and low temperature environments. The long-lasting low temperature design allows your staff to work. Feel safer and more comfortable.

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