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NAZQ-02 flame retardant and steamproof suit

Product Details

The flame-retardant and anti-steam suit is designed in a multi-layer structure and consists of a surface layer, a waterproof and breathable layer, a heat insulation layer and a comfort layer. Its surface is flame retardant, high strength, high wear resistance and other properties. The waterproof gas permeable layer has excellent water repellency, and the outside water vapor cannot enter through the clothing. The heat insulation layer is made of heat-insulating flame-retardant felt, which has the characteristics of flame retardant and heat insulation performance. The overall garment has the properties of flame retardant, heat insulation and steam resistance. It can work in ≤180 °C environment.




Can be used for pipeline repair, plugging and steaming environments.


The clothing structure


Each garment consists of a hood, a top, a pair of pants, and gloves.


Clothing specifications


Large L175-180

Medium M170-175

Small S165-170

Note: Special specifications are agreed by the supplier and the buyer.


Maintenance and finishing


1. After wearing this protective clothing, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and should not be placed in a humid environment.

2. If a small area of ​​the garment is damaged, it should be sewn in time. If the large-area damage cannot be used for protection, it is not allowed to enter the workplace.


Storage conditions


1. Do not touch oily or corrosive materials during storage.

2, beware of hooking and prevent mold and mildew.

3. Store in a dry and ventilated room to avoid rain, moisture and exposure.



1. This protective suit should not be in direct contact with flame and molten metal.

2. Avoid contact with sharp metal objects or hot objects during use

3. Do not wear in chemical dangerous goods or corrosive materials.

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