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High economic chemical protective clothing (limited use type)

productdescription: High-economicchemicalprotectiveclothingisalimited-useprotectiveclothing.Theproductisappliedbyultrasonicweldingandheatsealingjoints.Itcaneffectivelyprotectmediasuchasliquidandpartic
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product description:


High-economic chemical protective clothing is a limited-use protective clothing. The product is applied by ultrasonic welding and heat sealing joints. It can effectively protect media such as liquid and particles. It is coated with polyethylene. The inner layer is a two-component spunbond non-woven fabric, which can protect a variety of harmful chemicals. Comfortable and strong, superior fabric ductility, enhanced safety in a variety of operating conditions. Splashes are protected against spoilage of hazardous chemicals.


Product parameters:

Model: S, M, L, XL;

Fabric thickness: 0.75mm

Product color: bright yellow




1. One-piece hooded design, the hat can be closely fitted with the gas mask, which does not affect the comfort;

2. The zipper is equipped with a viscous protective threshold to prevent chemical liquid penetration;

3. The wrist and ankle are elastic and comfortable to wear;

4. Classic protective clothing style, the hat can be attached to the respirator, the windshield has double-sided adhesive, and the airtightness is good.

5. High-performance liquid-tight chemical protective clothing, in line with European protective clothing standards.




This product is suitable for the protection of harmful chemicals such as tank chemical container cleaning, agricultural spraying and pesticide treatment, acid and alkali chemical treatment, laboratory application, first reaction, etc., and has good resistance to penetration of blood and bacteria. .

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