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Lakeland CT1S428E Kaimais 1 chemical protective clothing

Productintroduction: Color:yellow,whiteEdgeseamstructure:hotmelttapeSize:S-XXXL 1.Highdensitypolyethylene(HDPE)coatedwithpolypropylenetoprovideeffectiveprotectionagainstcommoninorganicchemicalsandcert
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Product Details

Product introduction:


Color: yellow, white

Edge seam structure: hot melt tape

Size: S-XXXL


1. High density polyethylene (HDPE) coated with polypropylene to provide effective protection against common inorganic chemicals and certain organic chemicals;

2. The tape is tightly stitched to improve the level and strength of protection;

3, lightweight and soft fabric provides users with greater comfort;

4, bright yellow to improve recognition;

5, antistatic, through the EN1149 anti-static standard;

6, Lakeland "Superb" perfect version of the design to improve comfort and durability;

7. Double-layer zipper design improves the adhesion and increases the protection performance;

8, the garment passed the test of EN14126, play a preventive role against bacteria, blood and microorganisms.


Item number




Cap with jumpsuit

European standard 3, 4 certification; through EN 1149 (anti-static), EN 340 detection; waist, wrist, ankle at the rubber band closed; heat sealing tape edge.


Hooded jumpsuit (Kemex 1 cool type)

European standard 4 certification; the back middle layer is made of high permeability SMMS fabric, the outer layer is made of Kemaisi 1 fabric, and the back waist has venting port; it is tested by EN 1149 (anti-static), EN 340; waist, wrist and ankle At the end of the rubber band; heat sealing tape edge banding


(medical sterilization type)

Cap with jumpsuit

The product has obtained the registration certificate of medical machinery of the People's Republic of China, the product registration number: Lu Food and Drug Administration (quasi) word No. 2640037; passed the relevant test of China's "medical disposable protective clothing" standard GB19082-2003; Sterilized, fabric tested by EN 14126; all features of CT1S428E


main application:

Pressure-cleaning operation;

Tank body, chemical container cleaning operation;

Agricultural spraying operations and pesticide treatment;

Treatment of harmful dry particles;

Mixed preparation of chemical substances (low toxicity);

Acid-alkaline chemical treatment;

It is very resistant to the penetration of blood and bacteria.

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